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Signs of Violent Temper in Palmistry

signs of violent temper

What makes up a criminal or violent mind?

On the outer appearance, violent people can come in all shapes, sizes, colours and ages. But on the inside, they might have some similar traits. There are many studies into the criminal mind, but I want to explore the possibility of seeing the signs through palmistry in this article. Can the signs of violent temper be found on the hands?

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This article is an excerpt from Life and Destiny Palmistry by Sari Puhakka.

life and destiny, palmistry

There already has been much research on specific features that can point to mental or emotional problems, leading to immoral behaviour. There is also much analysis of the handprints of punished criminals with their life stories and crimes they had committed. It helps to examine the whole hand to understand the mentality, emotions, DNA defects, inherent traits, and individual situations from the person’s past, present, and future.

The characteristics that we would look for is whether there are signs of insanity or mental illness. Next, we see if the subject has a volatile temper, an animalistic nature, alcohol, drug abuse and even childhood trauma.

Signs of Mental Illness

The signs of mental disturbance and (maybe that of a psychopath) is not always easy to spot. Most of the time, one or two signs alone cannot suggest there is any concern. Even if you have several of these indicators, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong. However, I have put together a list of possible signs from the hands:

  1. Twisted fingers
  2. Bent middle finger
  3. Fingertips curl inwards
  4. Puffy, firm fingertips, especially on the thumb and index finger.
  5. Short thumb
  6. Short high set thumb
  7. Abnormally short middle finger
  8. A head line that is wavy
  9. Missing head line with a deep chained heart line
  10. The broken or islanded head line
  11. Fuzzy heart and or head line
  12. Displaced head line
  13. Simian line
  14. Sharply dipping long head line 
  15. A thick and fragmented life line
  16. Well developed Mount of Moon or Pluto (at the base of the palm near the wrist)
Signs of mental disturbance on the palm lines

The primary line to look at for clues about mental illness in the palms:

One of the main lines which can point to problems with the mentality is the head line. The things to look for is chained and fuzzy looking line. The line often appears to have a dark background, like on the skin directly under the line.

Regular lines are smooth and free of flaws. It is ok to have some marks on the head line, they are not the only signs of violent temper. Look to the life line to see if it too is frayed in its appearance. If the line is broken, it can suggest a split personality.

If the head line is too long and dips down, reaching the ulnar edge, it can also be a sign of mental disturbance. You do need to compare this line to the rest of the hand because it can also depict intuitive ability. However, if it is long, dips downward and fuzzy, then the mind might not understand these intuitive thoughts. They are at risk of living in a dream world, because the blurred head line depicts a nervous, shy, and delicate mind. Also, the person might get confused quickly and struggle to concentrate.

The start of the head line is essential. If there is a split, like a fork and it floats above the life line, that’s also an unusual feature. If the life line also shows similar signs, like it is heavily chained, it can confirm there are problems.


  • Thick hard palms
  • Thick fingers or fat at the base
  • Large Thumb (bulbous tip of the thumb)
  • Bulbous tip of the index finger
  • Red skin on the hands or patches of redness
  • Short, broad or red fingernail beds
  • Thick claw-like fingernails as well as humped nails
  • Exaggerated Mount of Mars (near thumb) and plain of Mars
  • Over large Mount of Venus
  • Ring of Saturn
  • Clubbed thumb
  • Full girdle of Venus
  • Broken head line with a deep and chained heart line
  • Weak head line with a curved heart line
  • A branch from the heart line to the start of the head or life line
  • Many drooping branches on the heart line
  • Short or weak head line
  • Extremely rigid fingers
lower mount of mars

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What is Modern Palmistry?

Palmistry is an analysis of the hands, palm lines, ridges and fingerprints. These days, contemporary palmistry steers away from the predictive side of reading hands. The art in Western culture is mainly used to depict character, career and health. Other cultures do things a little differently. Palm readers in the East tend to prefer the predictive reading of things like accidents and disasters, and some even tell people when they might die. It’s impossible to know those kinds of things through the hands, and readers should avoid even attempting to look for them.

Most modern-day hand readers do not see palmistry as fortune-telling. People do still want to know their future from their hands, but the problem is that the hands show what is going on right now, not what might happen in the future. Realistically the lines cannot predict the future. People make their own decisions in life. What they can tell you is that whatever you have done up until now, can show as a kind of consequence of what may come.
For instance, if you are not taking care of yourself, or if you are addicted to food or substances, your health may suffer down the track. Some indicators on the hands can tell of poor health. Or, if you have the qualities of someone motivated and driven to succeed, then you are more likely to have the result of becoming successful.

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