Fire Hand Shape in Hand Analysis

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The fire hand shape in palmistry uses the element from astrology. The signs of fire are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Also called the intuitive hand. The fire shaped hand, with its extended palm, has fingers relatively shorter.

Be careful though not to confuse it with a narrow hand like the water hand. However, often (if the hand is very slim), a person will have a combination of fire and water. So, still a long palm with short fingers. The narrowness does give it more of the water qualities.

The lines on a fire hand

The fire shaped palm will usually have broad lines. (Please note that this description is for a normal thickness hand) A fat (thick hand) fire type, if also soft or flabby, shows someone who might be ignoring their passions and not using their innate character in their day to day life. A narrow fire hand is much more sensitive and quiet.

  • The fire types are mostly the extroverted type. A narrow one, however, has more introverted qualities.
  • The nature that this shape describes is charismatic, energetic, impulsive, fun-loving and intense; in body and mind.
  • They will easily inspire others with their zeal for life.
  • They are always looking for a challenge, hence, make natural leaders, organisers or sportspeople.
  • With their quick mind, they are often drawn into activities where they can compete.
  • On the negative side, they are restless folk and can quickly become bored or be impatient.
  • They may indulge too much and not sleep enough, making them accident-prone.

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