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Seven Good Luck Signs in The Palm of Your Hand

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Study of the hands

The Study of the hand, Chiromancy is one of the oldest of the ancient forms of divination, which has long been known as palmistry. This study of the hands helps us to learn about ourselves and our goals in life. It is possible to see positive and negative features, not just from the lines, but also from the hand and finger shapes.

In modern times, a new methodical approach to hand reading has evolved (Chirology) which uses not only the study of the hand shape and fingers but also of the lines, markings, skin texture, skin colour, fingernails, palm ridges and fingerprints.

Good Luck Signs in palmistry.

Many people wonder about good luck signs on the palms. It is one of the many popular questions I get asked when doing a palm reading. Good luck, it seems, is finding success brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. However, many successful people are lucky, because of their actions. In palmistry, there are actually a few signs which many people have, yet never realise how lucky they are.

Most of the time, people who seem to be lucky, are actually just positive, hardworking and happy people. So the signs of good luck would be pretty much the same as the signs of a happy person.


The major lines are often what people look at most when questioning about their palms, but these lines can and do change. What is evident in your hands now, does not mean that there is a fated outcome from what we see, therefore as our thoughts and desires change, new lines can be formed and old ones can fade.

The lines which are most likely to change are the minor lines. The major lines are least likely to change quickly over time and the palmar ridges and fingerprints do not change at all. Free video lessons here.

The seven good luck signs

If I was to look for good luck signs on the palms, I would look for these listed below:

  1. A well-developed mount directly under the ring finger.
  2. Lines rising up to the ring finger (at least one) three is still good, it shows many opportunities, (but be careful, too many lines change the meaning).
  3. A trident (three-pronged fork) line beneath the ring finger.
  4. Rising branch lines from the life line (the line which wraps around the ball of thumb)
  5. A well-developed (long) thumb and pinkie.
  6. Firm hands (not soft and flabby).
  7. Four bracelet lines on the wrist.


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