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Good Luck Signs in The Palm of Your Hand

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What are some potential luck signs in the palm?

Good Luck Signs in palmistry.

Many people wonder about good luck signs on the palms. It is one of the many popular questions I get asked when doing a palm reading. Good luck, it seems, is finding success brought by chance rather than through one’s actions. However, many successful people are lucky because of their actions. There are a few luck signs on the palms that many people have yet never realised.

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Most of the time, people who seem lucky are just positive, hardworking, and happy people. So the signs of good luck would be pretty much the same as those of a happy person. If you do not have these signs, don’t worry, there are things you can do to change your luck. (See some ideas below this article).

The good luck signs from the palms and lines

If I were to look for good luck signs on the palms, I would look for these listed below:

  1. A well-developed mount in the space between the ring finger and middle finger. (The one mount shares the space below the two fingers.)
  2. Lines rising to the ring finger (at least one). More than one line shows many opportunities.
  3. A trident (three-pronged fork) line beneath the ring or middle finger.
  4. Rising branch lines from the life line (the line which wraps around the ball of the thumb)
  5. A rising branch line from the fate line.
  6. A rising line from the heart line to the success line.
  7. A well-developed (long) thumb and pinkie.
  8. Firm hands (not soft and flabby).
  9. Four bracelet lines on the wrist.

How to change your luck in life

  • Start believing in yourself
  • Prioritize your daily tasks
  • Keep calm and visualize positive outcomes
  • Stop worrying. It doesn’t change your situation.
  • Get enough exercise
  • Practice being confident, and don’t be afraid to be yourself
  • See the funny side of things
  • Don’t give up if, at first, you don’t succeed.
  • Be open-minded and try new things.
  • Listen to what you want to be or do (Get the book Claim Your Power here).

The head line

The head line shows how we think. So, if there are breaks on the line on the non-dominant hand, the person might feel like they can’t focus. It might also suggest an indecisive nature. If the dominant hand has a regular line, it doesn’t affect the person much. The luckiest type of head line is a clear line without crosses or islands.

What is palmistry?

The Study of the hand, Chiromancy, is one of the oldest ancient forms of divination, which has long been known as palmistry. This study of the hands helps us to learn about ourselves and our goals in life. It is possible to see positive and negative features, not just from the lines but also from the hand and finger shapes.

In modern times, a new methodical approach to hand reading has evolved (Chirology), which uses the study of the hand shape and fingers and the lines, markings, skin texture, skin colour, fingernails, palm ridges and fingerprints.


The major lines are often what people look at most when questioning their palms, but these lines can and do change. What is evident in your hands now does not mean that there is a fated outcome from what we see, therefore, as our thoughts and desires change, new lines can be formed, and old ones can fade.

The lines which are most likely to change are the minor lines. The major lines are least likely to change quickly over time, and the palmar ridges and fingerprints do not change. Free video lessons here.

Which hand to read?

The hand that a person writes with is usually their dominant hand, and the lines and hand shape can show which is the non-dominant. The dominant hand is less flexible, demonstrated by a thumb with a smaller angle. The non-dominant hand tends to be more relaxed and has more lines because it shows our thoughts and what is going on.

The dominant hand

The dominant hand describes what is happening in their material or the outer world (the conscious). It shows what we are experiencing and whether we have developed and grown from our past. The right and left hands are usually different, which is why I always look at both.

The non-dominant hand

The non-dominant hand defines what is mostly happening on an inner level (subconscious) or what is potential. It shows what we feel we could be doing or should be doing. I read the history from the non-dominant hand, but both sides can depict past events due to timing on the lines.

Making predictions from the palm lines

If trying to make predictions, the fate line is where we can see potential life changes. If the left or non-dominant hand has a weak fate line, but the dominant has a well-formed one, it can show that the person has made life decisions or become more motivated. An example from the chained heart line on the non-dominant hand; If the dominant hand has a clean one, it shows the person is no longer as sensitive or nervous as in the past.

Keeping records

It is a good idea to keep a record of the palms by taking a clear digital photo, a photocopy or an ink print of both palms. This way, you can look them up later to see if there have been any changes.

The Fingers

The fingers can also show characteristics that depict a different personality at home compared to the public eye. For instance, a short middle finger on the non-dominant hand indicates that the subject is carefree and tolerant at home. Still, if the middle finger is a regular length (or long) on the right, they are more serious and firmer at work or in front of the public eye.

Another example that represents our responsibilities, boundaries, and the law is when the middle finger is short on the dominant hand but not on the non-dominant, the subject may struggle to be responsible with the finances or be inclined to break the rules outside of the home. It’s not to say that is the general nature because other factors come into the analysis but consider finger length as a foundation of the reading.


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