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Double Simian or One Simian Line on the Palm

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About the Simian Line

Do you have a double Simian line? Or just one on either hand? On a small proportion of hands, the heart line, and head line appear to be a single line across the palm, known as the Simian line, or crease.

The association of this line was once thought only to be with chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. However, now it is mostly normal and recognised as a minor physical anomaly (MPA). 

A survey has shown that many are sensitive, intelligent, determined, passionate, emotional, creative, and in some ways compulsive. In another recent study, it is believed to show forms of neuroticism, hyperactivity and introversion.

In any case, the double simian type signifies a somewhat different, quite intense character; not necessarily a negative attribute as it would seem. I have noted that the Simian gives qualities of either a lot of empathy or none. Some tend towards less emotion and more rational thought. Others might tend to struggle with rational thought and follow their emotions.

The owner of a Simian line can possess great potential for strong will and focus, many of whom are ambitious and driven, primarily if they have found their niche and had opportunities in their life regarding education and family support. For others, it might be difficult to focus on a career and relationship at the same time, especially for the double Simian.

Single Simian Line

If the Simian is only on one hand, usually it depicts that the person has an intense personality but they might not show it publicly. Or, if on the dominant hand, then they are likely to not feel the intensity as much. Many creative types have one Simian. Don’t forget all features do need to be considered, such as the shape of the hand. Handshape also gives clues to the type of personality.

Double Simian Line

The Double Simian type character tends to follow their heart and in doing so, they tend to choose a career that gratifies that emotion. Mostly, they are either fully into what they do, or fully not into it.  It is nearly always ideal for them to be engaged in their passion. In doing so, it is taking full advantage of the single-minded and determined nature.

However, to hypothesise about this crease, look at other features of the hand, such as hand shape, finger length, thumbs, and lines; including fingerprint and palm patterns. Typically, the owners of a Simian line follow their own mind. But, they will come across as stubborn, and unpredictable: for this reason, people might not understand them.

Some are very energetic, and the energy varies in each person. This energy comes in bouts, and to some extent, some find it difficult to relax. On a soft water hand though, the energy is not as high. While these people are intense, at the same time they can be very empathic. Usually very open-minded, yet cynical; nonetheless mostly what you see is what you get. They are either fully on, or fully off, (extremely kind, loving and attentive) or overly argumentative and cold.

Latest Survey Results

The latest results of my survey of the double Simian found that of the people who did the questionnaire, 48% had a double Simian, the rest had just one, either on the left or right hand.

Out of all the people, whether double Simian or only one, the results so far are: 90.9% said that they are sensitive.  Also, out of the same group, 70% believe they are intellectual. 28.5% of them also believe they are creative and athletic. It goes to show that in the combination of heart and mind, that they find their strength in their intellect, yet are very sensitive.

Watch lessons about the Simian line here

You can do the survey here.

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