Short Pinkie and Short Finger Meanings

short pinkie

Short Pinkie and the Meaning of a Short Finger in Palmistry

Do you have a short pinkie? Sometimes it’s challenging to decipher whether a finger is longer or shorter than usual. A small finger can be thin or short, sometimes both. A short pinkie is when it does not reach the top crease of the ring finger. Be aware though that the pinkie might actually be low set, in which case you might have to measure it.

If you are interested in palmistry, you might think that it’s all about the lines on the palm. Modern hand readers know that the most crucial part of a good palm reading is knowing about the character of the person. Without this information, the reading can be deficient and unsuitable for the subject. The shape of the hand and length of the fingers are the most noticeable first impressions. You can tell just by a quick glance if someone has something unusual like short fingers.

The best way to begin is by first deciding if all the fingers are of average length.

How to tell if the fingers are of average length? Firstly, look at the back of the hand. Notice whether the palm is long and rectangular or square. If the fingers appear similar length overall, then they are average. Typical length fingers should have the middle finger the longest and the ring and index almost the same.

short pinkie

When a finger is of average length, it characteristically shows a balanced individual who would possess a normal level of confidence, ambition, ego and responsibility. Note that most males have a ring finger slightly longer than the index.

I have found that the middle finger is the best guide to begin judging the index and ring fingers, and they should reach a little over halfway along the top phalange of the middle finger. Once you have established if the fingers are long or short, then you can decide whether the pinkie is shorter than usual.

But before jumping to conclusions about the associations of a small finger, another feature to look for is the thickness, because often a short finger will be compensated for by being thicker than average. If this is the case, then the person is likely to make up for any deficiency. I have seen this especially when the Index finger is short (which would typically indicate some lack of confidence). But if it is also thick, then the trust issues are of the past. A mount underneath the finger can also help to offset shortness or thinness of a finger by its prominence or markings such as vertical lines.

Short Pinkie Meanings

A shorter or thinner than the typical finger can depict under development in the qualities that are represented by it. A large and long thumb offsets the meaning and balances out any negative aspect. Some examples:

The Short Pinkie – communication difficulties or shyness. They can quickly become tongue-tied and so may struggle with speaking in front of an audience. Some can lack a sex drive or display immaturity emotionally. The short pinkie, in general, depicts a gentle person who tends to be quiet and prefers calm environments.

Physically, they may look young for their age, or some other aspect of their build is underdeveloped. If only the middle phalange is short, it is a sign of shyness. The shyness does not affect their ego, however, and they often have a high opinion of themselves.

If it is exceptionally short, it can suggest early mental handicap or slow learning ability. The extremely short Mercury finger also denotes a severe lack of confidence in their capacity to express themselves regarding sexual matters. For this reason, in relationships, they need a caring and understanding partner.

short finger meanings in palmistry

Individual short finger meanings

The ring finger – A short ring finger can show untapped creativity. An antisocial or introverted nature. It also suggests that the person puts more focus on their outer worlds, such as their ambitions and practical matters. They are reliable and self-motivated folk who rarely act irresponsibly. Their success comes from drive and ambition, rather than pure talent, but they may be shy in front of an audience, especially if the pinkie is also short.

The middle finger – A short middle finger shows a lack of seriousness or responsibility. This belongs to a risk-taker; there is boundless energy for life and always something to do, but they can quickly become disorganised within their home or work. They usually approach life focusing on the now, and not so much the future. In a career, they need excitement because it is problematic for them to concentrate on tedious activities. As far as boundaries, they may not always follow the rules or care about the law; especially if all the fingers have wide gaps at the base. Even more so if with a Simian line.

Short index finger

Generally, the short index finger shows a small ego. The person with this little index can lack leadership, unless with a large thumb. You can tell if it’s short when it does not reach half-way along the top phalange of the middle finger.

Sometimes a low-set index can appear short, but the meaning is very similar because of the under-developed region. These people can be very caring about others needs but might struggle with looking after their own or finding their purpose in life. It may come from a lack of confidence in their ability or just an absence of direction in the early years. They can be easily persuaded due to their kindness or failure to make their decisions.

Short thumb

A small or short thumb is classed as such if it fails to reach halfway up the base phalange of the index finger. The little thumb denotes some weakness of character with a passive nature; a daydreamer rather than a doer. However, they are mostly ruled by their heart and so are not the least bit arrogant or aggressive. The natural qualities of drive, determination, and action that come with a regular length thumb are undersupplied. Instead, it shows someone timid, quiet, submissive and at times, lethargic. Easily influenced by others, they prefer that someone else guide them as to what to do. Alternatively, somebody else doing it for them; habitually they are used to being dependent on others.





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