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Intuitive Reading Online by Sari Puhakka

Welcome to my Intuitive Reading Online (via email).

How can I help you? Intuitive reading online is available here at Destiny Palmistry. Do you have questions that bother you or constantly worry about one thing? Are you struggling to make decisions in life? Do you want clarity about your future? Maybe your intuition is blocked, and you need the help of an unbiased person.

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Why else would you need intuitive guidance? Most people who are interested in psychics help hope for real answers. Maybe they feel they need support in their situation because their intuitive mind is closed off.

If you are ready to order a psychic reading, scroll down to see how to order. You can have a basic reading (up to 3 questions via email) or a detailed reading. The detailed reading is up to fifteen questions. Your complete reading is personally prepared by me into a report which you can keep. If you order a basic reading, you will receive your answer via email or message (not in a report).

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How to order your intuitive reading online:

  1. Please send your questions to me here: CLICK HERE TO SEND E-MAIL
  2. You will receive your reply through your e-mail, so please ensure it is valid.
  3. Click on Buy Now for PAY PAL to choose your reading.
  4. Or send payment directly
  5. NOTE: Your reading is a personal service and is placed in a queue if there are others who have ordered before you. Please be patient; the waiting time for your reading varies depending on the demand.
  6. Agree to our terms and conditions here.

PLEASE NOTE: Readings are completed in the order that they are received. Detailed readings may take longer depending on demand because they are personally written by me (to you), so please be patient; thank you. Terms and Conditions.

NOTICE: Update. We are closed Between June 9- June 14 2023

For the comprehensive Intuitive Reading Online. Click below to pay $130.00 (Ask up to 15 questions).

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Quick Intuitive Reading Online – Basic answers. Click below to pay $30.00 (Up to 3 questions)

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Visualization exercise that you might want to try

Visualization can be done day or night anytime, as often as possible. Always think of your situation in the present state as if you already have it. Still affirm what you do want, not what you do not. Remember, you are creating something new in your life with a feeling of belief and faith. 

  1. Consider something you might want to have or accomplish now or shortly.
  2. Get comfortable (sitting or lying down) in a quiet place.
  3. Breathe deeply and slowly and relax completely.
  4. Begin precisely to envision the thing you need or want.
  5. Envision yourself as entirely satisfied with your outcome or situation.
  6. Visualize it as if you were watching a mini-movie with you as the star.
  7. Keep the image still in your mind, and mentally make some positive affirmations, for example: 
  • ‘I have a wonderful happy life and the energy to keep It.’
  • ‘I am successful in what I do.’
  • ‘Everything I need and want is coming to me.’
  • ‘I am a loving person, and others are loving towards me.’
  • ‘My relationship with (name) is growing happier every day.
  • ‘I have many creative ideas and enjoy everything I do.’

When you are done with your affirmations, end your meditation with a statement such as: ‘I give thanks for everything I have and am about to receive.’

A little about me:

My name is Sari Puhakka, born in Finland in 1967. I am currently living in Brisbane, Australia. My journey in intuitive tarot readings began as a child because I grew up watching my mother and grandmother read cards regularly. (They used normal playing cards). I soon developed a keen interest in using the cards, and I also realised that they helped me to understand and listen to my intuition. Many years later, I was given a deck of Tarot cards, and I found they are so much easier to use than normal playing cards. For some questions, I do not use any cards.

Customer Feedback:

  • ♥ Good Morning Sari. I just want to thank you for being beside me for many years 🙂 My faith in you is far beyond. I remember my reading back in 2010. You were so accurate and proved my entire family wrong, who kept doubting me. So many things you predicted, I hold you close to my heart forevermore. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Love and light shine through you, Sari. One in a million you are :). Gratitude fulfilled Xxx. C. T. Qld.
  • ♥ Sari, Thank you so much for the reading. You don’t know how immensely your reading has helped me get over certain apprehensions that were killing me from within for quite some time. Also, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate your effort with all my heart. I am so thankful to God for having made me come in contact with you. I couldn’t thank you enough ever for bringing peace to my mind via your reading.  S N—E-mail Tarot reading.
  • ♥ Thank you for the reading, it was bang on, you were right about everything you said and I really appreciate your effort. L.M Canada.

More feedback from satisfied clients

Hello Sari, Wow, that’s really great reading. How can you tell me so much about the situation that I’m facing now, that’s really amazing. Again, thank you so much. Andria.

Sari, Thank you, thank you for your reading!  Wow! I love your reading, it is clear and detailed and also very great!. V. N. Hunt

You were right! 100% spot-on, can you please help me with another question? P.H.—Logan.

Sari, I loved your reading because you’re absolutely spot on and I shall be sure to leave great feedback for you. Many thanks, Veronika.

Thanks Sari, That was very accurate, and also many thanks for taking the time to do this reading for me. J.D.C  E-mail

I really like the way you advise and am very fortunate that I am in good hands. I am also very grateful for your feedback and your advice means a lot to me. E-mail reading.

Thank you Sari: You are very good at your reading. Theresa.

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  2. This business does not practice fortune-telling or guarantee that we can predict the future.
  3. We do not take any responsibility for actions that you might take based on your reading.
  4. We reserve the right to abstain from answering any questions we consider unethical or illegal. Please see the complete terms and conditions here.
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