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Dual Personality From the Palm Lines

dual personality from the palm lines

In this article, I talk about signs of a dual personality from the palm lines, as seen in the example in the image below. I will discuss the head line mainly. If you’re not sure where the headline is on the palm, it’s the line across from the thumb side, usually just past the middle of the palm.

In this example, there are a couple of forks on the head line. You can see that the line goes slightly up, and then a big, long fork comes down. When this happens, often the person has a part of them that is very creative. Where the line ends is called the mount of the Moon. It means that the mind can tap into a very creative side. The fork can give a more practical or serious-minded side to the personality. The fork is the writer’s fork, and this person might have some talent in writing.

dual personality from the palm lines

The other second part of the head line is not as deep, and it’s only short, but it also has a kind of a fork on it. If you look carefully, this extra line comes down and touches the head line. When a line comes from this area (called the Mars area), this line can be called a “challenge” line. So, when I mentioned two personalities, whenever you’re looking for something like that from hands, it’s usually two heart lines or head lines, or even two life lines. There are two of every line in a dual personality type in some instances.

Large split on the head line

If the fork is large, like halfway along the line appearing almost as two headlines, it indicates a dual personality. A dual nature can be the very hands-on type, yet very imaginative in other ways, such as an accountant who loves to dance, a farmer who designs cubby houses, or an artist who is also a business person.

On the dominant hand, a double life line gives added strength and protection. These individuals typically have an abundance of energy and recover quickly from illness. A well-formed secondary line can also show two different sides of character or lifestyle.

fork in the head line, dual personality, double life line

Dual personality from the palm lines

A Split double head line

The left-hand image’s other sign of a dual personality is the split double head line. The split line on this image is overlapping, and one section goes in one direction and the other in another direction. So that shows the two various overlapping personalities. There are some fine connecting lines to the break, called “healing” lines, as in fixing the broken connection. It makes it better when there are these connecting lines because the broken line is held together and makes it less severe.

split head line palmistry

The heart line is the line that is above the headline. In this case, it’s pretty straight, and it goes to the area of the mount of Jupiter. So when the heart line is straight across, it gives a less sentimental nature. As far as the two personalities, this person has confirmed that they are very sentimental and emotional. On the other side, they can be more ruthless, like in business and things like that.

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