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Signs of a Cynic or Pessimist in Hand Analysis

You may have heard of the term “Negative Nancy” or the slightly harsher “Debbie Downer”, meaning someone who is excessively pessimistic. You might not know that there may be signs of a cynic or pessimist in the hands and palm lines.

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Many people disregard palmistry due to its reputation among fortune-tellers. However, modern hand readers (including as far back as Cheiro) realized that palm reading is not just about trying to see the future. Psychologists and doctors often look to the hands for clues to help diagnose problems, especially mental health issues.

The Signs of a Cynic Can be Hidden or Subconscious

The signs of a cynic can be similar to other personality conditions such as depression and anxiety, both of which can be unconscious processes. In many cases, it’s not easy to recognize high functioning anxiety in mental health diagnoses. It’s a term that refers to people who live with anxiety but find that they function pretty well in different aspects of their lives. On the surface, they appear to be successful, together and calm, the typical type who excels at work and life. However, the way they feel on the inside may be different. In many cases, the cause can be due to issues in their childhood relating to the mother.

What is a Cynic?

The cynics in our society are profoundly distrustful and judgemental. An example of cynicism is when someone always thinks the worst and has difficulty seeing the good in anyone. It may be that they have this hidden subconscious anxiety. These types are rarely carried away by a passion for something and tend to be difficult in almost every situation.

Our hands and palm lines can reveal these inner mental disturbances.

Some of these signs may be temporary and others more permanent such as the shape of the fingers. One of the signs I look for on the hands is a fine mesh of lines along the life line. These lines usually run wide and parallel to the life line to the lower-mid area of the palm. (See an example in the black and white handprint below).

This person suffers from constant worry, hopelessness and a pessimistic view of life. She subconsciously sabotages her relationships and does not feel a connection to any purpose or goal. (Note the lack of proper fate line). With time, determination, and changing unhealthy habits, it is possible to reverse the negative cycle.

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The Fingers

When looking for signs of a cynic from the fingers, we look mainly at the joints. Often, the top joint near the fingernail looks bulgy. The pinkie will have a narrow 2nd phalange. The knuckles themselves may also protrude and belong to individuals with concentration and investigative skills. They have a clever mind and like to analyze or judge everything and everyone using their keen common sense. They are rarely sentimental or emotional since they use the head rather than the heart in their way of thinking. However, they can be very cynical, obstinate and cranky. (See more here)

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