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Various Palm Lines That Reveal an Overthinker

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Signs of overthinking, feeling anxious or depressed.

Learn about the various palm lines that can reveal an overthinker or someone with obsessive or addictive traits. Overthinking is repeatedly moping or worrying about the same thoughts or feelings. This overthinking can paralyze someone to struggle to make decisions or take action. Overthinking can contribute to depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. The image provided is the example used for the various palm lines information.

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The long head line shows a broader range of analytical interests than most people. It can often be a sign of intelligence because of the attention to detail. They would consider more evidence before making decisions and are more philosophical than those with a short head line. These people have a great memory and tend to pick up a lot of information from their environment. They might love to chat and exchange ideas.

The slight waviness of the line on this palm often shows high and low moods or restlessness. It’s easy for these people to be distracted or quickly change their train of thought. The positive side of the shape of the line is that they have an original and creative way of thinking. The downside can be looking for problems to solve, feeling depressed or overthinking.


The heart line depicts someone caring and compassionate. It means that the person is sensitive to those suffering. Suppose you have this line, although you don’t allow people to take advantage of you. It shows someone humanitarian and may have a special connection with animals. However, they’re not as emotionally responsive as most people. These people tend to hold back and wait before expressing themselves; when they do, it is with deliberation. On this particular heart line, some marks make me think there has been some deep emotional worry about something in the past at an early age. It might be family-related or an event that caused emotional worry. They depict someone who overthinks emotionally (with their heart).


The Girdle of Venus, on this hand, is like an additional heart line that adds extra sensitivity and intensity to the personality. From a positive perspective, it signifies compassion and open-heartedness, like understanding the pain of others. However, it can also indicate heightened nervousness and a quick temper. Some people with this line are flirtatious, and others are somewhat neurotic. In this case, the line is pretty broken up and appears more like an extra ‘floating’ heart line, adding more obsessive emotional traits.


This hand has an unusual double life line at the beginning. I often see this when a person has moved from their place of birth at a young age. It also shows up when there is a kind of double life or secure support from the family. One part of the line links to the fate line, indicating a strong desire for the career to be the main focus in life. At the same time, the line shifts, which tells me that maybe there is some drastic change around that time of 30-35, maybe even much earlier. The lower part of the life line has many travel lines. It is not on the left hand, but only on the right, which tells me that maybe they haven’t always thought about travel or it wasn’t always possible. However, there seem to be many trips, possibly related to a career.

Via Lascivia

The Via Lascivia is the old-fashioned term, also known as the addiction line, escape line, poison bar or allergy line. This line can appear differently depending on what type of hand. Generally, it is a line near or even parallel to the Line of Health. It can originate from the Mount of Moon between the life and health line or the Mount of Venus. As the name Lascivia implies, the line stands for lasciviousness. The word lascivious means lustful and lewd, whether for money or pleasure. If the line starts from Mount Venus, it will likely be an addiction line.

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