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Palm Prints and the Not So Funny Loop

loop of seriousness, palm prints

Dermatoglyphics, Palm Print Names and the Meanings

When I first became curious about reading palms, I had no idea that fingerprints and palm prints (ridges) could have so much significance in studying our personalities. However, analysing these patterns have become a prevalent part of hand reading in modern-day palmistry.

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For over five centuries of observation and study of genetic medicine, psychology and brain science, scientists have proof that examining the character from the fingerprints is possible. I believe that understanding your nature is the ultimate way to enrich your life, and the prints and palm ridge patterns are, without a doubt, a great place to begin.

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific term used to describe skin ridges, more commonly known as finger and palm prints. These prints are not only used in forensic analysis but also in medical research to try to recognise specific abnormalities or disorders. Loops are the usual patterns we see on the palms, but most people will only have one or two.

palm prints, dermatoglyphics

The Not So Funny ‘Loop of Seriousness’

The loop-shaped palm prints, called the loop of seriousness, also the loop of common sense, is a typical pattern on the palm, and the name it has describes the person well. These people are ambitious, career orientated and responsible. They nearly always have some purpose in mind. Even if found on one who prefers not to pursue a career, he or she would get much enjoyment from hard work.

So, work is their fun, or they enjoy working, especially if it’s something like a renovation, a creative project, maintenance etc. Not necessarily paid work or a job. Many people with this loop like to run their own business.

Also, it shows someone who doesn’t like practical jokes. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humour. It’s just that they see practical jokes as cruel and annoying.


A loop of humour shows someone who values pleasure and good times over the financial rewards of work. They do not take things too seriously, they have a good sense of humour and are naturally witty. Practical jokes are a favourite with these types of people. Sometimes it stretches or curves under the Apollo finger; this would show a somewhat strange or twisted sense of humour.


The loop of charisma or the Rajah loop lies between the index and middle finger. It is traditionally on those who have royal blood in their ancestry. However, I have never been able to confirm it. I have seen that the person will have a strong character. They are lively, pleasant and entertaining. People admire them for their personalities. However, they tend to be domineering, therefore, come across as arrogant to more delicate souls. It is for this reason perhaps why it is often on those who are leaders in their field or a position of authority. These types also like to have their own business instead of a job.


The loop of memory and sensitivity are similar. One is often mistaken for the other because of its location on the palm. The loop of sensitivity is below the head line and upper mount of the Moon. The memory loop is at the end of the head line in the region between the plain of Mars and outer Mars.

The loop of memory usually appears to be more rounded looking, like a whorl at the end of the head line. If you can imagine a place at the end of your thoughts where an idea gets trapped and is held there, almost like an obsession, this describes the focus of the person with one of these patterns. The loop of sensitivity is similar but with an open end which allows room for the escape of the imagination.


The loop of courage on earth or fire type hand can depict an energetic character who likes to do physical dares such as climbing the highest mountain or doing the greatest stunt. On the water or air type hand, it would be a challenge that could stretch the imagination or mental capacity. However, the thing which these opposites do have in common is that you can be sure they will be there in an emergency to save a life or prevent a dangerous situation. They will bravely soldier on in conditions where other spirits may have given up, whether it is physical, emotional or mental.


If you prefer to be outdoors, in the country or feel you have an affinity with nature, then you might have the loop of nature on your palm. These people will choose to go camping over a city nightclub, they will have a sensitivity to the feelings of animals and often love to work in the garden, but whatever it is they fancy you can be sure it will be in the open air.


Sometimes called the loop of environment response. It describes someone who responds very quickly to his situation, not only of sounds but also of moods. They are also very sensitive although they may not realise it. The response is like a perception of the immediate surroundings, where they can quickly sense if something is dangerous or wrong. There is a negative side to this though if on an earth or fire type hand, with short fingers, the sensitivity can spill over to having a quick temper.


The music bee is one of the more rare palm prints. It is not in the form of a loop or a whorl, but instead a group of ridges that go in the opposite direction of its surrounding ridge pattern on the mount of Venus. It denotes a keen natural talent for music, especially stringed instruments. Many people have talent in music even if they do not have this marking, so don’t be disappointed if you do not have one.


The loop of rhythm is more likely to be found on a talented drummer, dancer or just one with a sincere appreciation of a good tune.


A rare marking on the Mount of Moon towards the middle of the palm, bringing the ability to be inspired by a sixth sense. The loop of inspiration is a mark of one who experiments with radical or unorthodox methods in music and the arts.


One of the palm prints is a loop of empathy. It is a loop that rises from the area of the rascettes shows someone who takes an interest in others and is naturally compassionate.


The whorl on the Mount of Moon shows an ability to visualise very clearly. The imagination is excellent. However, they tend to daydream and get stuck in their world, unable to express who they are.

palm prints, dermatoglyphics


The composite whorl on the mount of Moon can have two aspects to its meaning. Here the psyche may experience emotional ups and downs or misperception about what they feel hence there may be uncertainty or difficulty in relationships.

Some say that this complex pattern implies that if on a male hand, he will have gentle, sensitive and feminine traits and on a female, she will have masculine characteristics.

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