Head Line in Palmistry – Five Personalities

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Which Type of Head Line Do You Have?

The head line on your palm commences from the space in between the Index finger and thumb and usually runs horizontally at least halfway across the palm. This line is one of the most significant on the palm because it reveals a great deal about your essence. It gives clues as to how we think.

This line can show whether you are struggling or sailing along smoothly and how you make decisions. If you are looking for honesty, stability, intelligence, imagination and rationality, the head line is where you can find some of those answers. Visible signs of physical injury to the head are also possible.


One that is tied, (connected to the life line) but narrowly separated at its commencement, suggests someone who is happiest when there are others around them whom they can relate to. Whilst they are confident, they may feel the need for support or sympathy from those people.

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If it is tied to the life line for more than a centimetre, makes the individual cautious and likely to take their time in becoming independent. The longer they join, the more insecure their ways are. They tend to cling to the security of their family, home base and their own lifestyle. Their attitude, in general, is inhibited with a reluctance to make decisions.

The shape of the hand and fingers should be taken into consideration. A sensitive water hand enhances the qualities, whereas an active fire hand, balances them.


When there is a gap between the head and life line, the person is more adventurous, independent, and not necessarily connected by a bond to the family. They have learned to think for themselves at a young age, either by choice or by circumstance. If this gap is very wide, they can be impulsive or foolhardy.


A straight line shows someone who is level-headed and set in their ways. They have a no-nonsense approach but can be inflexible and find it difficult to give and take. Imagination and creativity are commonly be lacking. Nonetheless, their mind can be very efficient for practical matters.


If the line is also long and definite, attention to detail and accuracy is of importance to them, (the perfect line of an accountant). The straight line, if long and not tied to the life line at the outset, shows someone who can speak their mind. They’re not shy but their feelings seem detached and due to their fearlessness, can fail to see the danger in situations.

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A long head line displays someone with a broader range of analytical interests. It shows a person who seems to have more intelligence, however, this is unfitting. The theory may have come about because of the attribute of the no-nonsense approach to life that they have.

A very long head line

The very long line shows a deep, complex thinker, they tend to take more evidence into consideration before making decisions and are more philosophical than those with a short one. If this line runs entirely across the palm, it gives obsessive qualities.

People with a long and profoundly sloping one should always try to channel their imagination into creative or spiritual pursuits. Feelings of depression or an unclear sense of reality can take hold if there is no outlet for this energy.

Photo by Destiny Palmistry -Sari Puhakka expert palm reader.


A short line is when it only reaches beneath the Saturn finger. It shows one who has more concerns about practical and routine matters preferring to concentrate on what is going on now without fussing over details; getting straight to the point. They do not like to waste time and so easily apply what they know through common sense and get their work done quickly. A very short head line might belong to someone who rarely finishes what they start.

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It is very rare to have the upper transverse crease missing altogether, but if so, it suggests a passionate but somewhat unrealistic nature. It can appear to be absent on those who have what’s called a Simian line. A simian line is where there is only one line across the centre of the palm, running all the way across. If the head line shows how we think, a missing one would signify the thoughts might come from the emotions. In the case of a Simian line, the head line is together with the heart line.


People often look at the major lines when questioning their palms. Some of these lines can and do change. Article here about minor lines

What is evident in your hands now, does not mean that there is a fated outcome from what we see. As our thoughts and desires change, new lines can form and old ones can fade.

The lines which are most likely to change are the minor lines. They tend to do so as our goals or motivations change. The major lines are least likely to change quickly over time. Palm ridges and fingerprints do not change.

See how the elements in astrology affect your personality.

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