Health From the Palm of Your Hand

health from the palms

How to recognize health indicators from the hands

When looking for health from the palm of your hand, we look at the lines, skin ridges, texture, and physical feel of the hand. The fingernails and skin discolorations are also analyzed. It is possible to pick up early clues to help you see any potential conditions with the body.

Science has proven that some people are prone to certain types of illness, regardless of environmental influences. For many centuries, doctors have looked at the hands of patients to diagnose various conditions.

A word of warning, to back up any conditions using palmistry, you should always see a qualified medical practitioner. Also, be aware that many of the lines and marks appear and disappear according to your circumstances.

Where to see the signs of health from the palm?

The first place to see the health from the palm is the skin colour, texture and consistency. The thicker the surface, the better it functions to protect the body from toxins. Therefore, thick-skinned people do not get sick nearly as often as thin-skinned folk.

A firm but flexible feel to the hand shows proper muscular development, hence strength and vitality. The firm skin can be in various skin types. On the rough skin surface, it is almost always firm. On a smooth variety, the firm tone balances the sensitivity with tenacity and hardiness.

Loose or Flabby Skin on the Hands

Soft and flabby is when the skin is floppy or loose, and there is a distinct lack of spring when pressed. It is okay to have flabby skin at old age, but otherwise soft and flabby skin can indicate long term tiredness or just laziness. They have a lack of muscular development, therefore denotes an absence of physical activity. The loose looking skin can be a sign of ill health, and soft skin shows sensitivity or nervousness.

Read more here about the colour of the hands and more importantly, the health from the fingernails.

Health signs from the lines on the palm

health from the palm
  1. Lines running down along the fingers can be a sign of tiredness or dehydration.
  2. The multiple lines in a curved formation (Girdle of Venus) can point to nervousness or emotional sensitivity.
  3. Grill lines, or patch of dried skin or a sore on the edge of the hand under the little finger can point to infertility or gynaecological problems. (relating to the diseases specifically in women, especially those affecting the reproductive system.)
  4. Island marks if on the heart line can be problems with the ear, or ears (earache). On the head line, it is a lack of concentration, (memory loss) headaches or head injury. (Ear problems can also be seen here).
  5. Island marks or dots at the start of the life line or head line can point to bronchitis or migraine headaches. A single dot on the life line can be a sudden shock (emotional or mental).
  6. A patch of fine or fuzzy lines running on an angle through the centre of the palm can denote stomach or intestinal upsets. Often this area looks like dotted, scratchy fine lines.

More Markings on the Palms That Can Point to Health Issues

7. A patch of criss-cross or horizontal lines in the middle of the ball of thumb (Mount of Venus) can denote extremely heightened emotions, stress or kidney problems.

8. Many lines disturbing the life line can point to fatigue or any ailment which prevents the normal energy flow.

9. Tasseled branch lines at the end of the life line can denote a change of life, and reduced energy levels.

10. Patch of fine horizontal lines on the edge of the palm denotes a high level of uric acid. (Your Health in Your Hands, by Lori Reid)

Health Signs from the Life Line

Breaks in the life line generally depict uncertain change and transition. A crossbar will represent an obstacle of some kind. A star may be a shock to the system. A chained looking life line denotes low vitalty. Many branch lines show scattered energy. An island in the middle of the life line can denote back or spinal weakness. Towards the lower end of the life line, the island shows lowered energy levels.

marks on the life line, dot on life line, cross on life line, island on life line,

Other indicators of poor health in palmistry

The ridge patterns on the fingerprints and palms might show damage if the health is under pressure.

Warts or nodules can show after long-term stress. Bubble like shiny nodules on the edge of the thumb ball can be linked to forms cancer or cysts in the body.

Fan-shaped fingernails show the system is under stress.

An allergy line near the base of the palm can represent sensitivity to allergens and more.

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