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Colour of Your Hands Meaning in Palmistry?

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When doing a palm reading, it’s good to check the colour of your hands to see clues to health. The colour shows the flow of the blood or lack thereof. The blood absorbs and carries away impurities, renewing life. Potential problems in this movement can result in the colour of the hands or fingernails.

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The lungs work together to help purify the blood, which continually circles the body through the aid of the heart. The amount and quality of the blood give the skin its colour. If the blood which passes through the body is only partially pure, the health eventually suffers. The ill-health can alter the mind and temperament of the individual and show someone not as robust as they could be.

The temperature can alter the colour of your hands.

Before making a judgement, the environment’s temperature should not be hot or cold but just right. Also, mainly look at the palm’s colour, not the skin on the back of the hand. The palm is less likely to change colour from outside effects. Look at the lines and the fingernails as well. Thicker skin won’t change in colour as quickly. Also, note that a man’s hand will never be as pale or red as that of a woman with more delicate skin.

colour of your hands

White or very pale-coloured hands

The white hand shows coldness. Rather than be social, pleasant and comfortable, these people have no interest in pleasing others. The blood does not reach the skin adequately, which comes from the muscularly weak heart. These people will lack enthusiasm and passion. However, they can be imaginative and spiritual. Many of those with white hands have an active mind, making good litterateurs as a poet or prose writers. They might not be as robust as they could be.

Light pink coloured hands

The pink hand means that there is a healthy amount of blood flowing. The pink hand belongs to the warm, happy person. These people can be thankful for love and affection. They are optimistic, enjoy life and are communal with people around them. Pink is the colour that balances some potential negative qualities of the hand.

Red hands meaning in palmistry

The redness of the hands comes from the strength of the blood flow. In character, it shows passion in everything they do. They may find it hard to use self-control because the mind is frustrated in its action. They show action in the body and mind to the maximum. If only at the fingertips, the brain is constantly at work. If only on the inner Mars mount, they feel angry or anxious about something.

Yellow colour hands

The yellow hands can suggest liver dysfunction. The reason is due to bile. The bile assists in the digestion of food and should not be found in the blood, at least not so much as it shows on the skin. When it is too much and reaches the skin, it causes a yellow colour. Too much bile is also an irritant to the nerves and brain. It can reveal as someone moody, cranky, and cynical. These people are often easily irritated. If the yellowing is also in the nails or lines, it can suggest other conditions.

A word of warning

I would like to point out that, to back up any possible health issues acquired from palmistry, you should always consult a qualified medical practitioner. Don’t mistake diagnosing from nails, palms or lines alone because many of these indicators continually change according to the individuals.

Blue or purple-looking hands

The bluish or purple colour on the hands is caused by inadequate flow of the blood, not necessarily by poor condition. Blue is a health indicator. The pulse of the heart may be weak, and in almost all cases a hand that has reached the blue colour all over shows a critical stage of health. Where there are blue spots, they show a passing imbalance of the flow but have not reached the chronic phase. Rubbing the hands together to warm up the circulation can help.

If you come across blue or purple hands, it may be simply that their blood is not flowing well today. They may tell you if they have a condition or the reason for the lack of flow. If not, you might ask them to seek medical advice just in case it is causing issues. It’s always preferable to not frighten people by telling them they might have a heart problem.

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