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The Intensity Line Meaning in Palmistry

intensity line

Intensity Line, Via Lascivia or Allergy Line?

The intensity line is one of the most divisive lines in palmistry. The reason for its controversy is because the line is remarkably similar to the appearance of another traditionally known mark, the allergy line. Some palmists disagree on its name, position, and meaning. However, research shows that this line can have various forms and many different meanings.

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The palm lines vary depending on the type of hand

intensity line

What you must remember is that palmistry is not an exact science. It takes a careful eye to understand how the lines form and why. All the lines on the palm can vary in shape, size, position and meaning. For instance, the Apollo line has other names, such as the sun line or success line. These types of lines are rarely the same as someone else’s. The meaning can also be different depending on the person’s circumstances.

Even the main lines like the head, heart and life line are not always the same. The minor lines like the intensity line, girdle of Venus, via Lascivia etc. are the ones most likely to vary in their position and overall look.

Names of the lines on the palm

The names of the lines are mostly irrelevant because people have a different way of speaking and understanding. Some palmists use old fashioned traditional names, and others like to use new modern made-up names for the lines. Even if you use terms like ‘short horizontal crease on the lower ulnar mount’ – it’s okay! What matters is the meaning of the line; why is it there.

The difference between an intensity line and allergy line?

The difference is mainly in the name. The term intensity line is a fairly modern term. The line which closely resembles this line is the more well-known allergy line. The slight differences between the two are that the intensity line tends to sit higher on the palm. It is also mostly a straight line, similar to the other lines on the palm. The allergy line is more like a crease and tends to vary in shape and colour. It is often slightly red in its appearance.

The intensity line is typical on a fire type hand, that is, a rectangular palm with short fingers. But, it can also appear on any shaped hand. In most cases the line originates from the life, fate or health line, running horizontally towards the outer edge of the palm.

Do you have an intensity line or allergy line?

The only real way to know if it is an allergy line or an intensity line is to ask some simple questions. I have a survey about the allergy line which you too can participate in, here.

The questions that you might ask are straightforward. Firstly, you should try to rule out if it’s an allergy line by asking if they have any allergies.

  • Does the subject have any reactions to specific allergens?
  • Are they sensitive to spicy or hot food?
  • Do they easily or often get sick?
  • Is there adverse reactivity to drugs?
  • Are they sensitive to their environment, like the air, pollution etc?
allergy line, palmistry online

If the answer to the above questions is no, then you should ask some more which are related to the intensity line.

Does the person have an urge to seek drama or thrills?

The intensity line shows tension related to various things, ranging from needing travel to being an excessive worrier. There is a need to be stimulated. The questions you need to work out if it is an instensity line:

  • Do you like to make drama?
  • Do you love to travel?
  • Are you generally an intense person?
  • Are you a thrill-seeker? The people who like to seek thrills tend to crave excitement like bungee jumping. They might also be the type to seek similar highs through drugs.
  • Do you take any medications or drugs?
  • Do you suffer from depression?

Intensity line represents tension

A high sex drive is also frequent when the intensity line is present, depending on other indications. However, these traits are not always the case. What I have noticed in the personality is that they have a certain amount of ‘tension’ about them, hence a need for regular stimulation. What I mean by tension is that they somehow hold energy inside that needs to be released now and then. These people are sensitive to not only negative energy but also their environment. It is because of this trait that they might not easily hear or trust their intuition. Many might suffer from depression due to their inability to let go of the energy.

I would love to hear from you if you have this mark, you can do the survey, or you can contact me here.

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