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The Inner Mars Mount Secret Revealed

inner mars mount

In palmistry, the inner Mars mount is the same as the lower Mars mount. It is a part of the Mars area on the palm, including the outer (upper) and the plain of Mars. The inner Mars is below the mount of Jupiter (under the index finger) and inside of the thumb.

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What does the inner Mars mount represent in a palm reading?

This area of the palm is where we mainly find physical courage. It symbolises action, boldness, and vigour. The inner Mars also has a connection with power, masculinity (yang), personal drive, assertiveness, aggression, temper and (even violence).

Someone who always has a full inner Mars is a born fighter which can manifest in all areas of their life. They aspire to be leaders and can become heads of business or organisations.

A firm and developed mount could also belong to an athlete or someone in the military because it shows a higher level of determination and impulsiveness, these people love danger.

the mars areas of the palm, upper mars, plain of mars, inner mars, lower mars mount

The inner mars mount reveals some secrets

This mount can reveal what is going on in your life. The inner Mars is a sensitive area of the hand and tends to change when circumstances are changing. The mount can quickly ‘puff’ up or deflate and even change colour. I once read a woman’s hands and noticed her reddish inner Mars area. I asked if she has been angry or frustrated recently. She nodded her head and said she has been feeling like that for the past few months. The only time there’s likely to be no connection to red areas to emotion is if they have recently been working with their hands.

Mars and Libido

Mars has a connection with the libido (sex drive), so if you are reading couples’ hands, you can learn more about the dynamics of the union. The way to do that is, the one with the most active Mars will dominate the sexual side of the relationship. They will also dominate most decision making as they tend to be more assertive. An active Mars is one that looks more developed (puffy).

flat mars mount

A deflated or flat inner Mars mount suggests an inability to deal with stress and maybe even physical work. These people tend to allow others to make decisions or they simply don’t want to be aggressive in situations. If someone is being aggressive around them, they try to keep things calm. When the mount is average, it shows a balance of these energies.

A puffy looking inner Mars

An overly developed inner Mars depicts dynamism but also aggression. It is typical that when someone has been angry or frustrated (either recently or currently), the inner Mars area becomes more plumped and inflamed looking (reddish). There is no hiding your temper when your inner Mars is showing it off! The aggressive nature is more evident if the person has a large thumb with a puffy tip and a well developed Mount of Venus.


STAR – Distinction for bravery but can show aggressiveness.
CROSS – Quarrelsome and aggressive nature.
SQUARE – Overcoming health issues or threats to life.
TRIANGLE – Aptitude for military science.
GRID – Irritable and bad-tempered.
LINES – Lines emanating from inner Mars towards any of the other lines are usually stress or trauma lines. You can read more about the stress and trauma lines here.

mount areas of the hand

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