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The Short Thumb Unfortunate Meaning

stiff thumb, short thumb

The thumb has great significance in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and basic temperament. A short thumb or a long one is a crucial part of learning about someone’s character, particularly in situations where one is meeting someone for the first time.

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In most business or personal circumstances, people shake hands to introduce themselves. What a perfect opportunity to glance at the fingers! If you are reading someone’s palm, look to the thumb first to see their personality. As with most features, finding balance in proportion to itself and its appearance is ideal—nothing too crude and nothing too small. The thumb is an exemplary aspect to attain clues confirming other characteristics found on the hands.

The Small Thumb Meaning

A small thumb is classed as such if it fails to reach halfway up the base phalange of the index finger. It denotes some weakness of character with a passive nature. They too easily daydream about their goals. However, the heart rules their actions, so they are usually not arrogant or aggressive. For instance, a lawyer is not likely to have a small thumb with their typically aggressive role. With their quiet style, an accountant or writer/artist is likelier to have a small thumb.

The small thumb denotes someone timid, quiet, submissive and lazy if other features indicate it. Other features can offset the small thumb, such as a thick thumb tip, index finger, and large Jupiter mount. These people might be easily influenced by others, and they prefer someone else to guide them as to what to do. Alternatively, somebody else doing it for them. They are used to being dependent on others. However, given the right circumstances for independence, they will enjoy it immensely.

The Unfortunate Meanings of a Short Thumb

  • A short and pointed thumb tip signifies passive-aggressiveness.
  • If a small thumb is also thin, a lack of authority and physical strength.
  • Lack of leadership skills.
  • If it happens to be thick (short but fat), it suggests forcefulness and a lack of sensitivity. These types are crude and rude.
  • The short thumb can’t reach things such as a keyboard on a large phone or wrap around a fretboard on a guitar, so it makes the person feel disabled.

If the Thumb is Bent and Flexible

A flexible thumb is when the whole thumb is naturally supple or curved from a side view. It suggests a flexible attitude and someone who is open to new ideas and readily adapts to their circumstances, happily going with the flow. The downside is that they may lack self-driven action.

A Rigid Thumb

A rigid or straight thumb is when the top joint does not bend back away from the hand. It reveals someone with a persistent, disciplined nature and with a fixed attitude. These people are stubborn but determined and not likely to fuss or worry too much, although they lack spontaneity.

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What if all the fingers are short?

The fingers are classed as short when they look distinctly shorter in proportion to the rest of the hand. There are varying degrees of shortness. The qualities of the character type are more pronounced in the very short fingers.

The shorter the fingers, the more they dislike specifics and details. They think quickly and act quickly. The operation of their mind has no element of slowness. They are passionate, restless and certainly impatient. There’s no time for details, and everything needs to be done fast. With this lack of interest in trivial matters, they can get to the point and see the whole picture on the positive side. If you want someone to get a job done fast, this is your person. The short fingers are by no means a disability. Often these people are energetic and enthusiastic and will give anything a go if it brings them something interesting to do.

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