The Subconscious Mind in Your Hands

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Did you know that the subconscious mind is visible in your hands? The subconscious is the part of someone’s mind that has ideas and feelings that are below the awareness; an influential layer underneath the conscious. (Maybe it doesn’t make much sense?) Read on…

Your subconscious is the part that you don’t see, it is where to find the things like your beliefs, your memories, experiences and things that you are not aware of or thinking about now.

We can see the subconscious in various parts of the hand. It is the areas where our energy is most dominant. We can do this easily by visually dividing the hand into four parts; mind, body, conscious and subconscious. (The left and right sides, and top and bottom). If these regions are relatively equal in size and weight, it shows a balance of the psyche and general approach to life.

Each of us has unique hand features, and looking for balance can give clues and help understand how the shape of it has a significance in character analysis.

subconsious and conscious areas of the hand

These regions can assist in determining the distribution of the individual’s drive. They are notable when there are distinct differences in the development of the hand such as thin, thick or crooked fingers, broad or flat mounts, and sometimes irregularly shaped hands.

mind and body areas of the hand

The body and the mind zones

The lower half (including the thumb) signifies the body in a practical and physical sense. If the bottom half of the palm appears heftier set than the fingers, then the person is likely to be driven by practical matters and rely on their instinct and gut feelings before the intellect. Energy is abundant, which will most likely direct into physical activities.

The upper region (the fingers and top mounts) represents the thinking and intellectual side. If the top area is more developed than the lower body area, the use of intelligence and knowledge has more importance over instincts or physical activities. However, take note of the fingers and their phalanges. If the lower phalanges are thick, it shows a love of luxury and material comforts.

The conscious zone

The area of the conscious side of the thumb, including the mount of Venus and the index finger, shows the known, practical outer world (public image). It reveals the influence a person would have on the world around them.

Suppose this area is well developed, with a thick or extended thumb, a long or thick Jupiter finger with a thick Jupiter and Venus mount. It shows strength in the qualities of drive, ambition, and leadership. It also tells of sex drive, energy, and appetite.

The subconscious mind in your hands

The area of the subconscious side of the Mercury, Apollo finger, Mount of Moon and Pluto, is the hidden unconscious side. It reflects how much importance someone places in whom he or she believes they are on the inside, their feelings, creativity, and intuition.

The subconscious can direct the course of what you do in life without you being aware of it. It ideally makes what you say and do match a pattern with your conscious ideas.

An underdeveloped zone is when there is flat mounts of Moon, Pluto, and Mars and short or thin fingers of Mercury and Apollo. It suggests a more introverted nature, with a very realistic approach to life. It shows one who finds self-fulfilment in practical matters.

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If well developed, the Mount of Moon, outer Mars, Pluto, Mercury and Apollo fingers are prominent. It shows a socially colourful and personally rewarding life with the proper use of communication and creative talent.

If the subconscious body area is undersized (flat Moon and Pluto mounts), the imagination, intuition, creativity, nurturing or sex instincts might be lacking.

How to help balance and activate your subconscious mind in your hands

To activate your subconscious, you need to put energy into being creative, like painting, sketching, dancing etc. You don’t have to be good at it, just doing it is enough. Another way to activate it is to practice visualizing as often as possible. Always think of your situation in the present state, as if you already have it. Still affirm what you do want, not what you do not. You are creating something new in your life with a feeling of belief and faith. Also, try not to worry.

Visualization exercise

  1. Consider something you might want to have or accomplish now or shortly.
  2. Get comfortable (sitting or lying down) in a quiet place.
  3. Breathe deeply and slowly and relax completely.
  4. Begin precisely to envision the thing you need or want.
  5. Envision yourself as entirely satisfied with your outcome or situation.
  6. Visualize it in your mind like as if you were watching a mini-movie with you as the star.

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