Crossing Lines and Crossbars on the Palm

In this article, I want to explain how the lines on the palms work, including the crossing lines and crossbars. The study of the hands and palm lines, commonly known as palmistry, has been practised for centuries to examine your character and personality. But the lines can also tell us what else might be happening psychologically. If you are interested in learning about the lines on your palm, you might also want to know the meaning of the crossing lines and crossbars that sometimes appear.

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The lines and names can be confusing

Ok, so maybe you already know some things about palm reading, but you might be confused by the many various ideas, names, words, and explanations. It doesn’t help that palm readers, in general, can’t agree on what’s what. However, based on my experience, it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Essentially, it won’t matter what name you call a line. For example, you might have what is traditionally called a line of head, or a head line. Other palm readers will call it a mind line, or a line of conscious. You can call it the proximal transverse crease if you like, it doesn’t matter whatsoever. But what does matter is the purpose of the line and how to read it.

Types of palms that get crossing lines and crossbars

Some people have lines all over their palms, and others will only have a few. Those with only a few lines are less likely to get crossbars, but the crossing lines are inevitable on most hands. The crossbars, in general, depict obstacles, and it depends on which line it is on as to its meaning.

When the lines cross each other, it can represent a crucial period at the point of the crossing. For example, when the fate line passes the head line, the period of around the age of thirty-five is significant. It can be regarding career or life goals. When the same line crosses the heart line, the age is around fifty and also points to potential change.

crossing lines and crossbars

When the life line crosses the health line, often around the age of 55-60, it’s a time when health concerns are essential. The Apollo line can refer to a creative endeavour. A line which passes through it can be a time when things get going or get tougher. The same goes for the fate line, except it can be a point in life where there is a significant change in circumstances.

The crossbars on lines

If at any point there happens to be a crossbar on a line, it tells us that something is slowing down the progress. If on the fate line, it may be a setback in career. On the heart line or marriage line, the crossbar affects a relationship. On the life line, it can be many things, even the self, like going through illness or family problems.

crossbars on the lines

A crossbar on the head line can depict a mental block. On the healer’s lines, a crossbar slows down the energy flow and inspiration. It could be a phase where the healing is not helpful or that the subject is doing too much to be effective. It might be a time to take a break and start afresh.

Always look at the quality of the lines before and after the crossbar. If the line continues strongly, then the obstacle will be less severe and maybe a blessing in disguise.

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