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Thumb Reading to see Willpower and Drive

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Thumb Reading to Analyse the Character for willpower and drive

The thumb has a great significance in palmistry; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and basic temperament. So, the thumb reading is a crucial part of character awareness, particularly in situations where one is meeting someone for the first time. In most business or personal situations, people shake hands to introduce themselves, so, what a perfect opportunity to glance at the thumb!

As with most features, finding balance in proportion to itself and how it appears to look on the hand is ideal. Nothing too crude and nothing too small. In general, a small thumb belongs to the day-dreamer; one set at the base of the hand belongs to the hands of a worker; an extended thumb indicates the strength of character and intelligence. The thumb is an excellent aspect in which to attain clues confirming other characteristics found on the hands.

When doing a thumb reading, (1) the first phalange (tip of the thumb) is compared with (2) the second phalange. They should be relatively equal in length and thickness.

thumb reading, small thumb, large thumb, palmistry thumb

The tip represents the amount of willpower, energy and self-control. The second phalange represents the logic, thoughtfulness and organising skills.

If either of the phalanges appear to be shorter or thinner, then it suggests weakened qualities of that aspect of the character. Therefore, a small tip shows the willpower needs work. A small or thin second phalange suggests that logic needs improvement.

The Angle of the Thumb

The angle of the thumb measures from the space between the inside of the thumb and the edge of the palm. When the thumb angle is average, it is approximately between 45 and a 70-degree angle to the palm. A low set thumb usually has a wide angle, and a high set thumb has a narrow one.

When the angle of the thumb is narrow, 30 degrees or less and close to the palm rather than opening away from it, it suggests a much quieter, untrusting or guarded personality.

When the thumb opens to a wide angle, it is mostly found on the low set one and suggests a more open and giving nature.

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The large thumb shows strength, force, realism, and determination; they are guided by the head but may lack sentimentality. The small thumb (if also thin) with its weakness has insufficient force, and the heart guides them; their life is ruled by sentiment but lacks the willpower to be a success. A mentor is a great help for those with a small thumb.

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