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Ring of Saturn, the Dark and Gloomy Truth

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What is a ring of Saturn?

The ring of Saturn is a single or double curved (half circle) line beneath the middle finger. It is not a ring of Saturn if the skin ridges alone form a half circle. Sometimes the ring of Saturn is a slightly ‘v’ shape.

What does it mean?

Like most ring lines in palmistry, the ring of Saturn blocks the energy of Saturn which represents our boundaries, responsibilities, discipline, maturity and seriousness.

So, because there isn’t a smooth flow from Saturn,  it can cause the subject to feel pessimistic or have their reality somehow distorted. They might not feel like they can behave responsibly or take things very seriously.

The person may prefer to spend time alone or that they find social situations uncomfortable. They can be moody, complicated and unrealistic. They are a ‘wet blanket’, dampening the enthusiasm of others.

The meaning varies depending on other indicators

Look at the head and heart line to see which predominates for clues to emotional ideas or rational experiences.  For positive markings which help counteract the effects, the head and heart lines should be relatively free of flaws with no breaks and not too many branch lines. The life line should have an even flow without interruptions. A soft hand will also lessen the negative qualities of the ring of Saturn.

Full or partial ring of Saturn

A fully formed ring also suggests feelings of imprisonment. In some cases, the person will (actually) be prisoned, such as Iva Marlatt, (his hand drawing below) a convicted killer who has a complete line, also considered as a girdle of Venus. Mostly, the circle is not entirely complete, but the ends show that they form part of an imperfect ring of Saturn. In the latter case, it will not be so defective.

iva marlatt, ring of saturn, bad head liine, bad heart line, bad temper

The existence of this line can also show a nature to jump from one job to another, and not stick to one long enough to make it useful. The line cuts of the balancing qualities of Saturn, like wisdom and seriousness. Search for all indications that may help offset any defects. A robust top phalange on the thumb with a good head line is the best back up for a ring of Saturn.

What to do if you have this mark?

It’s not a common mark, but if you happen to have one and now know its meaning, you can take steps to avoid the negative side effects.

  1. Recognise when you might be feeling overly gloomy or pessimistic and change your thoughts to more positive ones.
  2. If you are knowingly acting irresponsibly, take action towards more acceptable behaviour. Think before you act.
  3. Understand that some characteristics are just who you are, and if you prefer to be alone, then take time out to be by yourself.

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