White Fingernails and Other Health Warnings

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Before I tell you more about the white fingernails, I’ll let you know why it’s important to check the nails. The fingernail acts primarily as protection of the sensitive fingertip, and with its delicate growth process, the nails are responsive to physiological and physical changes.

The cuticle around the edge is a defence, preventing grime and infection from entering beneath the nail. The nail bed, with its rich blood supply, gives the nail its colour and reveals potential irregularities.

The moons are a part of the growing root of the nail, more commonly seen on the thumbs and rarely on the little finger. Ideally, they should be just slightly visible and pale in colour. No moons at all may suggest a weak constitution, and over-large moons can denote an overactive thyroid.

To check for health issues from the nails, we look at the colour of the nail as well as the nail bed, the texture, shape and the moons. These findings represent current or past events, not the future. In some cases, it is problematic to make a judgement due to the popularity of artificial nails. Frequent use of nail varnish and associated products on the nails can also give misleading information for the health of the individual.

I would like to point out that, to back up any possible health issues acquired from palmistry, you should always consult a qualified medical practitioner. Please don’t make the mistake of diagnosing from the nails, palms or lines alone, because many of these indicators are in continual change according to the individuals’.

White fingernails meaning.

White nails with a rim of darker colour at the tip of the nail (as per cover image) are called Terry’s nail and rarely a sign of any disease. Most people with this nail change are otherwise in good health. When the whole nail is cloudy white in colour, it shows a lack of blood flow to the nail. Slow blood flow can be caused by various things. In some cases, it can depict a liver disorder such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, kidney disorder or anaemia.

Totally White fingernails

Although totally white nails present since birth may be an inherited condition with no implications as to general health, if it occurs later in life, it may be a sign of several systemic diseases, including cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, etc.

Cloudy white nails, a white line or white spots on the nail may be an indication of a serious disorder,  you should consult with your physician or doctor if you have concerns. See the image here.

A white-looking nail bed can also suggest iron deficiency, low vitality, liver or kidney dysfunction. In some instances, a pale, white or greyish tinge under the nails is nothing related to health, but instead, indicate selfish leanings or lack of warmth (character).

Depending on the quality of the nail, if it appears to be lifting off the quick, clouded, brittle and dry, it could indicate a fungal disease. Also, check first if the weather is not affecting the colour of the nails.


I met with an old friend and she asked me to look at her hands. Her fingernails instantly took me. I mentioned some things to her, and immediately she began to nod her head in agreement. Later she told me the truth! 

What it was that I saw in her fingernails, was the colour. They were not the pale pink or flesh colour that you would expect to have in the bed of the nail. She had white fingernails.

In my friend’s case, she had a medical condition from the overuse of medication to treat her depression and alleged schizophrenia. The bad news was that her bones had also been affected by the long-term issue, and now she has to find ways to regenerate the bone mass. The good news is that her doctor finally took her off the pills and began treatment for the condition. The treatment included a change in diet, which helped her lose unwanted fat off her waistline.


Yellow colour in the nail beds or a brownish discolouration, splotches or stains in the skin directly under the nail, can indicate jaundice, liver or gallbladder conditions. These marks can also occur when there is a high level of bilirubin in the blood due to the body producing too much or not get rid of it fast enough.

When the nail itself is white and clouded on the top section and yellow at its base, it can signify kidney disease. Other conditions can also cause yellowing, such as fungal infection or regular contact with heavy-duty chemicals on the nails.


Red fingernails mainly show a predisposition to poor circulation. Very red nails can be due to high blood pressure, bad temper or cardiovascular disease.


White flecks or spots can show a vulnerable nervous system or a weak constitution. The white spot is a sign of delicate nerves and can be caused by stress. They show that the body lacks a mineral, iron, calcium, zinc or magnesium. White lines across the nail can indicate acute fever or coronary disease.


To back up any possible health issues acquired from palmistry, you should always consult a qualified medical practitioner. Please don’t make the mistake of diagnosing from the nails, palms or lines alone. Many of these indicators are frequently changing according to the individuals’ state of affairs.

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