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Trident Mark Meaning on the Palm Lines

Trident mark, trident meaning palmistry

A trident mark is a group of lines that can appear anywhere on the palm. These lines look like a three-pronged fork. The lines can face upwards or downward. (The Trident is named because it looks like a pitchfork). It can take a careful eye to spot one of these tridents because sometimes it may be something else, like unrelated crossing lines. The more favourable trident mark has the fork facing upwards. However, a downward trident is still okay.

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Is the Trident Mark Good or Bad?

The trident mark can be like a fork in the road in a way that the energy is divided. It is a mark of security and protection. Robin Gile suggests that the person will come out relatively unscathed, even if there may be stress in the area where the trident is present. He says that when the trident is large, the struggle is ongoing, but ultimately the person will come out on top.

Trident on the Line or Mount of Saturn

Whether the trident is on the Mount of Saturn (under the middle finger) or formed by the Saturn lines, the meaning is the same. A distinctly formed line gives the best results. This area of Saturn relates to career, property and legal matters. It can mean that if you are going through legal situations, you will come out of it with good results. Money always tends to come when needed, even in the nick of time.

Trident on the Line or Mount of Apollo or Mercury

On the Mount of Apollo, under the ring finger, the trident is usually on the lines of success where it is most favourable. The marking gives strength to the area and depicts a variety of income sources. It may be someone who has a business or several lucrative projects. Dr Sen describes it as a sign of wealth and celebrity status as a writer. It is helpful and also strengthening to have the trident on the Mount of Mercury.

The Trident Mark on the Mount of Jupiter

On the Mount of Jupiter, under the index finger, the trident might rise from the start of the life line or sit at the very end of the heart line (if it is long enough). Yaschpaule, a palmist and astrologer in Kuala Lumpur, notes the trident on the Mount of Jupiter as a mark of fame and wealth.

A Trident on the Head Line or Upper Mars

The three lines that form the trident will be at the end of the line on the head line, (the lower transverse crease). It depicts someone who has a great diversity of intellect. They are adaptable and versatile. And unless with signs that point to laziness, these people can achieve much in their life. On the upper Mars, it gives strength.

Trident Mark on the End of the Heart Line

At the end of the heart line, (the upper transverse crease), the trident gives a variety of emotional expressions. These people are affectionate, caring and sentimental but also with common sense. They need to be careful to pay attention to one’s needs. Depending on the shape of the heart line, these people can be amusing, helpful and motivating, which is also why it can be a mark of fame or fortune.

Trident on the end of the Life Line

At the end of the life line, we must be careful not to mistake the trident for tassels. Tassels are a multitude of fine branch lines which depict a weakening of the energy. A fork or a trident at the end of the life line indicates dignity and happiness in old age.

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