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Missing Fate Line on the Palm? Read This.

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The fate line is the vertical line on the palm which rises towards the middle finger. It is also known as the career line or Saturn line. In palmistry, it is usually referred to when analysing the hand for life changes, including the career. If you have a missing fate line, what does it mean? Don’t worry, I will explain in this article.

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A perfect and straight fate line that runs directly from the base of the palm to below the middle finger is rare. However, it can denote a decided career or direction in life. The person with this type knows who they are; they are self-motivated and in control of their chosen path in life from an early age.

career line on the palm

Having no fate line does not mean the person has ‘no career’ or that they are completely unmotivated, but instead, it is more likely that they prefer to take life as it comes, not bound by any demands, responsibility (or purpose).

As an example, a man who is a self-employed salesperson with goals and motivation to run his own business might not necessarily have a fate line. The probable reason for this may be because his skin is coarse (tough, thick). He plans his days one day at a time and has no strict boundaries for his career.

Another example comes from a woman whom I know. She did not finish her schooling, leaving at the age of sixteen to earn herself a living. On top of that, she did not have any significant plans or ambitions to be successful, but only wanted independence. There was no fate line on her palm, yet she was a regular and steady worker. It is possible, however, that she has one now, as these lines can form when situations change.

You can still succeed without a fate line.

The common aspect that I noted about subjects with no fate line is that they have no interest in ‘worldly’ achievements or obligations. They accept whatever comes along, yet still, take responsibility for their role in life seriously. Someone not having a fate line explains quite a bit about the line and just how difficult it is to analyse on its own. The person can still succeed, but they do it without the boundaries of having ‘fate’ decide so to speak. 

Usually, when someone does have a full and straight line, the person has set himself life goals with purpose but with conventional boundaries which can limit the diversity as far as occupation is concerned. It does not by any means show a perfect career.


The fate line does not only represent a career; it shows a person knows what they want in life. An instance of this comes from a man, who at the age of sixty, had a strong fate line rising to the mount of Jupiter, which usually means a highly-determined nature. However, he had been unemployed for the past thirty years, with his only income coming from a government payment. I told him that it shows on his palm that he is successful in his chosen path, and he was surprised because he had not intended on returning to work anytime soon.

We both quickly realised that his line meant that he was on a steady path, no matter what it was. He did know what he wanted from life, which was to continue doing what he does. It made him feel comfortable and happy. That is probably why the fate line was so smooth, even though it had nothing to do with his career. He was ambitious, but not in a typical way. He had chosen his path and didn’t intend to divert from it.

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