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Bent Index Finger Meaning in Palmistry

bent index finger

Index Finger Meaning in Palmistry

The index finger, also commonly called the Jupiter finger, can vary in its meaning, depending on whether it is short, long, thin, thick, straight or bent. This digit represents the ego, pride, confidence, security, ambitions, self-image and leadership. It also relates to religious beliefs. The length of it also makes a difference in its significance.

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For example, an extended index finger shows a highly ambitious and charismatic personality. These types are proud and easily take on a leading role. A short one, if thick, can have the same meaning. The qualities weaken If it is thin, short or bent.

curved jupiter finger, bent index finger

What does it mean when you have a bent index finger?

A bent index finger is when the finger itself has a curve in the bone. If the finger is just leaning towards the thumb or middle finger, the meaning is different. Simply leaning towards the middle finger shows a shy or introverted nature. Leaning towards the thumb is the opposite, an extroverted and outgoing personality.

An index finger that bends towards the middle finger tells us that something from the individuals past has changed or affected their normal behaviour or attitude. It may be a person who was a shy child or someone who struggled with communication or independence. They may have had to depend on others, especially family.

It can also denote some form of insecurity, possibly due to a history of unfortunate economic times. If the uncertainty or worry is still current in their life, this finger will tend to cling to the middle finger. However, frequently these people grow up to become very self-assertive and determined achievers. They often persistently work towards their goals (and have a dutiful outlook on life). Especially if combined with a strong thumb and a loop of seriousness.

The types of curvatures

When the whole index finger curves towards the middle finger (Saturn), it shows that in relationships, they are prone to be emotionally secretive or feel unstable; exposing a possessive or jealous nature. At the same time, the subject is likely to cling to the security of their partner or their family, especially financially.

When only the very tip is bent, the mental faculties are restrained or reserved, potentially affecting the self-image. The subject might have gone through some change in their life which affected their focus or ideas.

When the index finger leans away from Saturn, towards the thumb, it displays a very extroverted and ambitious nature; these people also like to be in the centre of attention.

With the middle and the index finger naturally held wide apart, the qualities of motivation, self-confidence and individuality are celebrated. They are independent, unrestrained and not bound by the views of others.

If all the fingers appear bent

When all the fingers bend inwards naturally, (not due to arthritis or other), it shows a timid or insecure nature. It can also denote a selfish and shrewd character. The reason for that is that the bend inwards brings all the fingers together, suggesting a lack of openness or willingness. They may have a distortion of reality in their life, which can, in some people, lead to corruption or unlawfulness, especially if the middle finger is short.

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