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Short Line of Life Actual Meaning in Palmistry

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The first line a person typically looks at on the palm is the line of life. It is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as it arcs around the mount of Venus, reaching somewhere near the wrist. Whether long or short, it is not an indicator of longevity. What it does reveal, however, is the nature and quality of your life.

To judge how a person manages their world; we observe the condition of the line. Ideally, it is well-defined without deviations or markings. In the present day, however, that is not likely to occur due to busy and demanding lives. The line of life also indicates the subjects’ physical strength and health during various periods of life.

Examining it is essential also in obtaining confirmation and timing of events because through the markings on the line, there is a capacity for seeing considerable changes. The line can alter, shift or even fade as circumstances change over time. However, consider all indicators from the palm before making assumptions, as some factors can offset (or support) the findings.

How the life line forms

The way a life line forms, depends on the other lines on the hand as well as the thickness of the mounts. For instance, if you have a deep Simian line with well-developed mounts, the chances are that the life line is short. If you are young and haven’t made yourself set life goals, then your lines are still changing or growing.

If you are a person who lives through emotion and you feel like the heart rules you, your heart line shows as the most robust. In such cases, others might be weaker. The most robust lines on the hand show what rules you live by the most. In the case of the prominent head line, you would very much be practical and rational. If the line of life is the strongest, you are physically driven and do not like change.

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A long steady line shows vitality, routine, stability, motivation and someone who perhaps does not need to depend on anyone or anything. Therefore, a short line shows the opposite, less energy and stability. The thing for sure about this line is that a short one does not mean a short life. The length and prominence refer to the quality of life, the constitution, (lack of) family roots, and the get-up-and-go of the individual. It shows someone who loves their freedom and is not bound by any strict regime.

A short life line can also point to a specific time that a significant change occurs in the persons’ life. Look at the length of the line and apply the time scale to potentially suggest the age that the shift occurs.

In nearly all cases of a short line, I see branch lines that connect to the fate line (career line). The meaning of the connecting lines is that the subject at a certain point in their life makes a significant move or change, such as in their career. Also, check to see if the line is broken instead.

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The dangers of a short line of life

The danger with this type of line is if the person doesn’t make an effort to plan their future. The love of being free to do whatever they want can eventually catch up on them. So if you have this mark, think about what kind of responsibility are you taking over in your life? Are you allowing others to dictate what you do and where you go?

The short life line can belong to those who do not usually have a broad family background or family traditions. While they can be close to their immediate family members, it is not often that they arrange large family unions. It could be due to the fact they tend to move around a lot. A short life line can appear weak, so for someone with this feature, finding a place to settle down and sticking to a routine and setting goals, strengthens the line.

The lines on the palm can change

I have seen this type of line ‘grow’ as the person makes concrete decisions in their life. For example, I looked at the palm of a seventeen-year-old young man. He had hardly any life line at all; in fact, it was the shortest one I had ever seen. What I found out he was kept under close guard by his father, due to his flighty nature and the lack of a mother figure. This young man did not have any responsibilities at home. He seemed entirely dependent on his father and lived each day without any concerns.

I saw his hand again at age twenty-four, and he had an almost standard length life line on his palm. I asked him what he has been up to and he said ‘I’m adulting now’. He had moved out to live with friends a few years ago, he had a job and was saving money for a new car and a holiday. I saw his line depicting his newfound life goals, and it was a positive sign.

The start of the life line

The start of the life line does not always commence at the same position, occasionally starting close to the thumb and other times as high as the Mount of Jupiter. If it sits high, it shows an ambitious and confident nature.
Occasionally it can begin joined with the head line and appear like a branch from it, which means a much more insecure yet family orientated spirit. These types show a good deal less confidence compared to those with a separate line from the head line. The well-separated line depicts independence early in life.

where the life line starts

The arch of the life line

Some lines curve around enough to reach out towards the mount of Moon so far as to touch the fate line. I have learned that when this occurs, it has a significant meaning around that period indicating a need for change or an event that brings about change. Often career or motivations become a current focus.

A line that arches widely towards the mount of Moon depicts an outgoing and maybe restless person with many interests. They will have a love of travel and changes of scenery. A broad line curving well around the Venus mount shows warmth and affection but a little more reserved. A line close to the thumb shows a lack of energy and love; a person who is entirely selfish or cold emotionally, especially if the Venus mount is flat.

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