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The Direction in Life Through the Fate Line

The fate line is a line on the palm that rises vertically towards the middle finger. A perfect and straight fate line directly from the base of the palm to below the middle finger is rare. This line is used to help palm readers see if there is a direction in life. However, it can also denote a decided career. The person with a complete fate line knows who they are; they are self-motivated and in control of their chosen path from an early age.

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A gently curving fate line indicates a gradual change in career or life. The sharper the curve, the more drastic the change. If it veers from side to side, it predicts that the ambitions are not well directed and there is wasted energy in efforts throughout their life.


double fate line, direction in life

Depending on how tight they run to each other, a double fate line can refer to two similar occupations, hobbies or studying alongside a career simultaneously. If the lines are close, it can depict a successful business partnership and may even represent a husband or wife who is considered very supportive. Whatever the case, the second line suggests a duality of some aspects and acts as a support line, strengthening the main line. The second formation sometimes resembles a small fork leading in two clear directions.


A fractured fate line, but one that overlaps alongside the second part of the line, presents a planned change in career or lifestyle. If the breaks do not overlap, and there is a space before it continues, it is an unexpected change when progress regarding career or goals has reached a standstill. The motivation and purpose are no longer justifiable. Look for clues on the other lines for reasons such as health or family.

If the fate line breaks or stops entirely, it can depict a pause in a career or a time of free direction. You can use the timeline in the image below to determine the age from where the break or continuing line is. If you want to learn about the timing of the fate line, please see this article.


A fate line with horizontal lines (crossbars) shows obstacles that may slow down goals and finances. These bars can be interruptions caused by life changes such as starting a family, money issues, poor choices or stress. If the line continues after the mark, it is a temporary hitch.


An island on the line weakens the flow of energy. Often it denotes worry over financial difficulties from taking on too much credit or borrowing money. Bankruptcy is a possibility depending on other indicators. Look for an interference line rising from the Mount of Venus and across the life line. Many small islands, like a chain, can represent issues affecting the smooth flow of career and life.


A faint, weak line is hard to see; it doesn’t seem to be in its complete form. It suggests a lack of direction in life, but it is common to see young people still searching and deciding on their career paths. The line shows scattered energy and undecided objectives. Most delicate lines are at the beginning stage, like a fresh start. To improve its quality, focus more on your future life goals, career and relationships; you probably find it strengthens and grows to a better line.


Having no fate line does not mean the person has no direction. Instead, it is more likely that they prefer to take life as it comes, not bound by any demands or responsibilities.

Suppose the fate line is a path to follow; if there is no path, you can make one. If you need to get to the other side of the forest and there’s no trail, you can still get through by finding or making that track.
For example, a self-employed salesperson with goals and motivation to run his business might not have a fate line. This may be because his skin may be coarse; he plans his days one day at a time and has no strict boundaries for his career.

Another example of the direction in life

Another example comes from a woman whom I know. She did not finish her schooling, leaving at the age of sixteen to earn herself a living. Nor did she have any significant plans or ambitions to be successful but she only wanted independence. She had no fate line yet was a regular and steady worker. (However, she may have one now, as these lines can form when situations change).

The common aspect I noted about both people is that they have no interest in worldly achievements or obligations. They accept whatever comes along yet take responsibility for their role in life seriously. Someone not having a fate line explains quite a bit about the meaning and how difficult it is to analyse independently. Usually, when someone has a complete and straight line, the person has set life goals with purpose but with conventional boundaries, limiting the diversity of occupation. It does not, by any means, show a perfect career.

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The fate line not only represents a career; it shows a person knows what they want in life. This line is also called the Saturn line, and Saturn is associated with perseverance and tenacity. It then can suggest that a clear and straight line gives those qualities.

An instance of this comes from a man who had a main fate line rising to the mount of Saturn. He was sixty (usually a highly motivated and determined nature). It can suggest a person who has had a steady career for their whole life. However, he had been unemployed for the past thirty years, with his only income from a government support payment.

I told him that he has an exceptional career line. He was surprised because he had not intended on returning to work anytime soon. We both quickly realised that his line meant he was on a steady path, not a career one. He knew what he wanted from life: to continue doing what he does. That is probably why the fate line was so smooth; even though it had nothing to do with his career, he was ambitious, but not in a typical way. He had chosen his path and didn’t intend to divert from it.


copyright image by destiny palmistry fate line, image by sari puhakka, direction in life

A branch line rising from the fate line can hint at the career’s direction. Rising towards the mount of Jupiter shows the achievement of ambition through skill, hard work, and study. The fate line itself should end under Saturn. A branch line rising towards Mount Apollo is fortunate; it depicts success through talent or creativity, often leading to fame and good fortune.

Branches growing towards the fate line from the side of the Moon can represent a partner or relationship. If this line touches the fate line, it can suggest a strong bond or marriage. The relationship will most likely fail if it passes through the fate line. A line running alongside can be a successful long-term relationship or partnership with someone supportive, with a strong bond, like a soul mate.


The thicker end of a branch line is its starting point. The branch lines almost always taper at the end. Look carefully at where the line originates, usually from one of the main lines. Most lines branch off a central line and do not connect to another one. However, in some cases, they will touch another line; when it does, it gives or seeks energy from the other line.

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