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Signs of Success in Your Hands and Palm Lines

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When looking for signs of success in your hands, the first thing to analyse is the shape of the hand. Ideally, it is a ‘practical’ hand, the working hand with a square or squarish palm. Somewhat rectangle is common but not too narrow. A long, narrow palm belongs to the daydreamer, and whilst they can still become successful, it might not be in the way that the practical type is. The square palm gives the organisation abilities. 

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The second thing to look at is the texture and firmness of the hand. A successful person needs energy and determination to get the work done. Therefore, the hand should look firm and the skin not too soft. (Read about skin texture below this article). The fingers, if straight, are the best kind.

The rising line to Apollo Finger

Someone successful in their field, especially if it involves being in the public eye (singing, dancing, acting, lion taming?), has one thing in common: a rising line to Apollo (to the ring finger). The Apollo line is one of the signs of success in palmistry.

Apollo, on the hand is the area of the ring finger and the mount just beneath it. A vertical line that begins low on the palm and rises clearly and distinctly into the mount of Apollo beneath the ring finger represents the arts, including fame and fortune. For this Apollo line (success line) to show the achievement of fame, there must be a reasonably clear-cut and continuous line with a sharp definition. If there are two lines of Apollo, the chances of success are greater. A line of Saturn alongside the line of Apollo is a helpful mark because it shows the individual is trying to reach goals and is motivated to do so.

What if you do not have a Success/Apollo line?

If you have a talent and are good at what you do in the arts, a lack of Apollo line doesn’t mean you cannot be successful and famous. It may be that you have no expectations from your work, or in some cases, you don’t fully appreciate your gift. Of course, as with all indicators on the palms, you need to compare the factors before concluding. In this instance, one right thing to look for is the length of the pinkie finger (Mercury).

Watch the video lesson about the success line here.

Signs of Success from the Fingers.

A long pinkie finger shows someone who can easily express themselves. The ability to communicate is one of the best attributes; with a good vocabulary and raw eloquence, they are social, influential and very organised. It also means they are naturally good with money and do well in business, politics, science, education, television or radio broadcasting. Writing, entertaining, and music often come naturally. Any subject that requires conveying knowledge or expressing themselves using words.

You have a long thumb if your thumb length reaches at least halfway to the second crease on the index finger. Long thumbs show determination and a will to get things done. A small thumb proves a little more effort is required in most things. A mentor should be a requirement if you have a small thumb and want to be a success. The tip of the thumb will have a slight kink backwards and might be somewhat flat but square-ish front on. An overly bulbous tip will give more aggressive traits. The thumb is ideally medium to low-set on the hand.

The spaces between the fingers (at the base) should not be overly wide. The bigger the gaps, the more likely money slips through the fingers.

wide gaps between the fingers meaning in palmistry
Overly wide spaces on all fingers can show frivolousness with money
finger spacing in palmistry
The gap between the ring and middle fingers should be the smallest

Signs of success, a workaholic.

A workaholic sign in palmistry is a well-developed Mercury finger (the pinkie). It’s not a common thing to have a thick pinkie. But, if it appears thicker than the rest of the fingers or abnormally large, it shows someone who may be rather talkative. They will also have a keen interest in business or money. These people are perfectionists and potentially very shrewd.

Signs of success from the skin texture and consistency

When reading hands, it is essential to take in as many factors as possible to fully understand the make-up of the individual. Taking note of the skin texture and consistency of the flesh should be one of the first to receive your attention. The usual successful person has average to slightly coarse skin.

These factors can alter or add to the meaning of some natural traits; the delicate skin lessens the qualities, giving some refined or sensitive characteristics. Coarse skin shows the opposite, a lack of refinement. The thicker the skin, the better it protects the body from toxins. Therefore, thick-skinned people do not get sick nearly as often as thin-skinned folk. However, when they do, it comes suddenly, usually without warning.


Mostly found in women, the healthy skin is not so soft to be silky, nor will it feel or look coarse. The ridges are relatively well visible, and the texture is like paper. The medium skin shows a reasonable amount of energy and sensitivity. They are receptive and casual, with excellent social and communication skills. The type you would find in a lawyer, doctor or office worker.


The ridgelines on the palm and the fingerprints are easy to see on those with rough skin. There are not as many fine lines on the palm. It feels slightly rougher than paper. This type of skin is found in men or women who possess the right amount of vitality (physically and mentally) but aren’t particularly refined or sensitive. They are well-grounded, active, sporty, successful, hardworking and motivated.

Do you need help with motivation?

Are you procrastinating? Some tips to reduce the boredom of some jobs:

  • Try playing music or listening to the radio while you work.
  • If at home, watch television while you work and use the commercial breaks for the most difficult tasks.
  • Call a friend on the phone while you work on jobs such as the dishes or folding washing.
  • See if you can get a family member to help do a job and set yourself a time limit. My children are willing to help if I say, ‘Let’s see how quickly we can do a ten-second tidy.’ We all start tidying and counting while we do it or use a stopwatch to time ourselves, and they have more fun doing it if I help.
  • Do the boring jobs first? Get them out of the way quickly so you have more time to do the things you love.
  • Are you happily helping everyone else finish their tasks and going out of your way just to be nice?
  • Do you stop and ask yourself, ‘Do I want to do this?’ If the answer is no, then say no. You need to finish a major task of your own first. It is difficult to say no when you want everyone to think you are a superwoman or a man. However, you know you have taken control of your life when you do, which feels good!

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