Predict the Future Using Palmistry?

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It may be possible to predict the future using the lines on your palms.

Is it possible to predict future events from the palms? Many of us, somewhat sceptical, can find it difficult to be convinced without systematic evidence and wonder why we continue to believe in the predictive side of palmistry. My answer is that the studies of this subject, explored for centuries as a form of divination, have continued to develop in modern times.

Furthermore, there is clear support for scientific research that the hands connect to the activity of the brain, reflecting the character and well-being of the person. To predict the future using this evidence means it can be done to a degree, but the future can also be altered by having this information.

Many respectable doctors examine the hands, palms, and nails for signs of illness or health warnings. It is from these cautionary indications that we can potentially predict an outcome and make changes in our life if necessary.

The Major Lines

The major lines are what people tend to look at first when examining the palms because they are usually the longest and deepest. For a more accurate reading, you need to predict the future through the major lines. The minor lines change too often.

These major lines can also subtly change over time; therefore, what is evident in your hands now, does not imply a fixed quality or event. When using the lines for prediction, the information gathered in the past events that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future is just an assumption, whether negative or positive.

Our thoughts and desires change, new lines can form, and old ones can fade. The lines that are most likely to change quickly are the minor lines. Keep in mind that any person can take control of their destiny. Palmistry can be used to determine some consequences or guidance for our future. Accordingly, if a line shows an attribute, it is important to look for other indications for confirmation; as one feature can offset another.

As an example, a line that shows success for a person may indicate this as a likely conclusion. However, if other signs are against it, such as a lack of willpower, the attainment of that success may be difficult; (but not impossible). Finding adverse signs should not be negative, however, but instead an incentive for making positive changes for better future outcomes.

Predict the future from the Career line (fate line, Saturn line).

Most major lines on the palm are present on nearly every hand, but what if they are not? The Career line, or Saturn line, (fate line) which travels from the base of the palm towards the middle finger, is not always present in young children and not even in some adults.

If the line stops and starts, it suggests there are changes in life or career. If the fate line stops at the head line, the subject might have made a conscious decision about their work. A line that stops at the heart line suggests an emotional decision.

Unestablished career goals often lead to a missing career line. However, what if you are an adult with a job? This line, in general, indicates the success of a career, whether they are settled or varying and changeable. It is not often absent in adults, but when this happens, it does not mean anything negative.

During my career, I have met some people, mostly businesspeople, in whose hands the line was absent. They all were happy to say that they were ‘self-made’ men. No fate would decide the course of their career.

So, the missing fate line (see an image of fate lines below) is just an indicator of a free spirit. They do what they want, create their path and are not bound by any regiment. (You can watch a video about the career line here.)

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The fate line

A fate line that starts at the life line (1) depicts a career through study. One which starts inside the life line (2) might be a career in a family business. From the base of the hand, the fate line can show a protege from an early age. This type will have boundaries in their choice and are often motivated to succeed early in life. From the (4) position, the career involves the public or the public eye. Learn more about the (career) fate line here.

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~ Sari Puhakka

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