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Island on Life Line Meaning in Palmistry

island on life line

The Island on the life line

My curiosity about the lines on the palm, including the island on the life line, started when I was eleven. I attended my uncle’s fortieth birthday party with my family. He had hired a palm reader to entertain his guests, and as a curious little girl, I had to know about it. The palm reader quickly read my hands, and I have never forgotten what she said to me because they came true.

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By the time I left high school, my interest had grown to the extent that I had spent many hours in the library searching for suitable books to read. It was not long before I was practising with my friends and taking notes for my study. My hands were the most significant asset as I continued my learning over the following years to come. It has been a long journey that continues as I live my passion for hand analysis.

The main reason I originally got interested in reading palms was personal. I discovered that some negative markings had appeared on my palms (based on what I had read in books). One mark was the look of my life line (the line which wraps around the ball of the thumb).

The island on the life line was like a split in the line and then it formed back into one.

island mark, islands on lines

Some palmists say that an island on life line is a negative mark, even to say it shows a disease like cancer. So, you can imagine my horror and fear when I found this island in my palm. This marking is not, however, a reliable indication of cancer, nor is it a forecast that cancer or any other disease is present. It is, at most, a sign that something causes the energies to split in two directions.

The energy levels might be depleted during the period indicated on the line. Mostly, the island on a line shows a temporary state, lasting only for its duration. In some people, of course, (depending on other factors) it can mean a predisposition to a particular disease, such as alcoholism, PTSD or depression.

Depending on what part of the line the island lies, has a different meaning.

The island mark primarily indicates uncertainty or interruptions to life. These disruptions do not have to be negative. They can and often are positive changes or life events, such as having children or getting married. Starting a new kind of life at any age can interrupt a career, hobbies, friends, family and even the general outlook on life. These changes, in turn, can make their mark on the palm of your hand, especially on the life line.

island at the start of the life line

At the beginning

When the island appears at the very beginning of the life line, it depicts the early years from 1-7 (or so). It is fairly common to have this mark and sometimes it is just a connecting line. The line of life regularly connects to the head line, showing the security of a family and a cautious personality. However, if the mark is clear-cut, it can suggest illness during that period.

The island directly under the index finger depicts the age timeframe of around 15-21. Considering that at this age many young men and women go through hormonal change, it can represent the change into adulthood. I have also seen this type of line when the subject changed their country of origin. Check the other lines for clues of travel or other marks which might point to ill health.

island in the middle of the life line

When the island is at the halfway mark of the life line, it points to the approximate age of 35-40. Most people are well into their career or family life by this age, so it can be stress-related. There might be family issues like divorce or uncertainty about the career. If it’s stress-related, often there will be worry lines around the mark. Look for marks on the fate line about money and job. And the heart line and marriage lines about relationships.

island past halfway mark on the life line

Past halfway mark

The island past the halfway mark points to the age around 50-55. For women, it can depict the hormonal changes like menopause. For a man, it can be a time of uncertainty in life as well because he might also be having hormonal changes.

island at the base of the life line

At the very base of the life line, the island is the most unfavourable because it’s more likely to point toward ill health. Remember to check the consistency of the flesh, the texture of the skin and other indicators of resilience. Around the age of 60+ years, many people start to slow down as they near retirement age. It is a mark also common when someone who lives alone or becomes a grandparent, especially if they are very involved in the role.


To back up any possible health issues acquired from palmistry, you should always consult a qualified medical practitioner. Please don’t make the mistake of diagnosing from the nails, palms or lines alone. Many of these indicators frequently change according to the individuals’ state of affairs.

If you are reading for someone else, remember, use care and tact, and never alarm a potentially nervous or sensitive subject. It is not our job as a hand analysts to humiliate or discourage anyone. If you happen to fail to verify something, you might not have judged the whole hand correctly.

The lines do change over time

Keep In Mind, that the lines can change over time; therefore, what is evident in your hands now, does not imply a fixed quality or event. When using the lines for prediction, gather information from the past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future are just assumptions. They show what is potential for the subject based on past actions.

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