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Success Line Marks and Meanings in Palmistry

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Success Line Marks and What They Mean

The success line marks (or Apollo or Sun line) can have negative or positive connotations, depending on the mark. The success line is a vertical line which rises to the area beneath the ring finger. It’s not present on every hand, and don’t be disheartened if you do not have this line. A non-existent one does not imply an absence of success, talent or happiness.

The people with this line can rely more on their ability to bring success. The ones without it can succeed through determination and their level of enthusiasm and energy, often producing much more exceptional results in the end.

Grille Mark on the Success Line

Most horizontal or grille markings on the line have negative connotations that depict obstacles or harm to the reputation. Whenever I see signs of stress here on the hands, such as grille lines, I recommend that they take a break from work and focus on their relationships or family instead.

Square Mark

A square which sits on the line (not formed by other lines) shows that the problems regarding reputation have been solved or avoided.

A Star Mark

A star on the success line loses its traditional undesirable associations and is instead a mark of fortune or fame. It depicts the moment when the subject experiences a sudden feeling of success or stroke of luck. If it is a cross, rather than a star, it can denote obstacles.

The triangle on the Success line

Probably one of the most welcoming success line marks is the triangle. A triangle mark which is attached to the line can depict a windfall, a financial boost or other bonus.

Island mark on the success line

This mark has similar connotations as the fate line. However, it is more likely that it refers to the subject having a period of mistrust or uneasiness regarding their reputation or influence. If with other signs, it can suggest worry or grief. See what the island mark means on the life line here.

Fuzzy or fragmented line

A line which appears faded, blurred, fragmented or of poor quality, shows the attainment of success is currently a struggle. The goals and purpose are uncertain; there is scattered energy.

Wavy line

Often, a workaholic has an Apollo line that wavers up the palm because they are prone to wearing themselves out without taking a break. Signs of overdoing it are dry areas of skin, coarse or hard skin, and grille lines on the palms (crisscross patterns of fine lines). See about stress lines here.


Some palmists say that the longer the success line is, the luckier the person is, but because this line is present in individuals who go after their dreams, I do not think it is pure luck that’s shaped their success, even though luck helps. I believe that the longer the line, the more privileges have been presented to the person early on in life.

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