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Signs of Mental Disturbance on the Palms

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The signs of mental disturbance are not always easy to spot. Most of the time, one sign alone cannot suggest there is any concern. Two of the main lines which can point to problems with the mentality is the head and the heart lines.

(This article and its photos are copyright excerpt from the book Life and Destiny Palmistry and All the Lines).

The main signs of mental disturbance are when the head and heart lines are very chained and fuzzy. Normal lines are smooth and free of flaws. It is ok to have some marks on the head line, obviously, the perfect one is very rare. Look to the life line to see if it too is frayed in its appearance.

If the head line is too long and dips down, reaching the ulnar edge, it can be a sign of mental disturbance. You do need to compare this line to the rest of the hand because it can also depict intuitive ability. However, if it is long, dips downward and fuzzy, then the mind might not understand these intuitive thoughts. They are at risk of living in a dream world. The reason is that the fuzzy head line depicts a nervous, shy, and delicate mind. The owner might get confused easily and struggle to concentrate.

The start of the head line is important.

The start of the head line is important. If there is a split, like a fork and it floats above the life line, that’s also an unusual feature. If the life line also shows similar signs, like it is heavily chained, it can confirm there are problems.

When the heart line is showing signs of mental disturbance, it can be fully chained in appearance. It will appear to be covered in fine branches all over it like a twisted barbed wire fence. This chained line is also a sign of nervousness and emotional instability. Meditation is good for calming emotions.

Other things to look for are puffy fingertips, a very low mount of Pluto, a girdle of Venus, the ring of Saturn and generally a strangely shaped hand.