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Simian Crease (Line) on the Palm

On a small proportion of hands, the heart line, and head line appear to be joined into a single line. One long line across the palm is the Simian crease or line.

The association of this line was once thought only to be with chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. However, it is mostly considered a regular feature. In some recent studies, it is thought to show forms of neuroticism, hyperactivity, introversion, and sometimes delinquent behaviour.

While these attributes may relate to some of the people involved in the survey, they have also found that this line on someone with no physical defects or other behavioural problems, signifies a somewhat different, quite intense character; not necessarily a negative attribute as it would seem.

The owner of a Simian crease can possess great potential for strong will and focus, many of whom are ambitious and driven, primarily if they have found their niche and had opportunities in their life regarding education and family support.

With a Simian line on both hands, they can too show the opposite; struggle with their ambition and inability to have the proper focus. However, to hypothesize about this crease, compare other features of the hand, such as hand shape, finger length, thumbs, and lines; including fingerprint and palm patterns.



There are many variations of the Simian line such as the Suwon crease, where there is a heart line all the way across the palm or second section of a head line fused to the heart line. This type of line might depict a person who is quite demanding in matters of love and expect a lot from their partner. Money is usually significant; hence they are liable to put work before relationships.


The Sydney line which is a head line that crosses the palm, but a heart line is still present. These variations are a little more complicated in their meaning. There may be pressure on the emotions or mental capacity, and so the individual tends to over analyze feelings or thoughts. The positive side to it is that they can absorb much of information, thus making top researchers.

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