Career Palm Reading and Life Purpose

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Have your career palm reading in a written report. A unique palm reading that is through photos or prints sent via email. This palm reading focuses on your life path, career choices and life lessons that often end up as the life purpose. Please scroll down to read the requirements and more details below.


What do you want to know through a career guidance palm reading? Did you know that through palmistry (hand analysis), we can discover character traits and things that we may not be aware of, like potential obstacles or our life purpose? You might also want to learn about what career suits you through your fingerprints and hand lines. (Written into a report in pdf document format).

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This palm reading focuses on your life path, career choices and life lessons that often end up as the life purpose. Clear fingerprints are a must for this reading. Either an ink print or a photograph. The fingerprint must also be visible completely, from side to side, top to bottom. Every 10 fingerprints are required, marked left, right, middle etc.

Minimum requirements for a career palm reading:

  1. A clear photo of both hands, the whole hand with fingers visible.
  2. Whether you are right or left-handed.
  3. Include clear pictures of fingernails and fingertips.
  4. Fingerprints are required (clear photo or ink print). Talcum powder on the fingertips can make the fingerprint lines more visible in a photo. Please note the complete fingerprint needs to be visible from the top crease.
  5. Also, indicate which are left and right prints.
  6. Please e-mail me HERE
  7. If you are Male or Female
  8. Your age now (or full date of birth for a more accurate reading, inc. time and place).
  9. Your questions
  10. Send payment via credit card or pay pal.

Examples of questions you might ask

How do I decide what my ideal career field is?
What will it take to be successful or get over my obstacles?
Am I making a mistake in my decision?
What about partnerships or business?
Would you be better at a business or a job?
Can you guide me with the purpose of my life?

NOTICE: Update 31/03/23. Due to high demand, the current waiting time for a reading is at least four business days, up to one week. We are closed from 9th June 23 – 13th June 23. Please read and agree to our terms and conditions before ordering this reading.

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