Palm Reading About Your Career

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Do you need advice on your career path? Have you made a decision that you are uncertain of? The career guidance palm reading helps you to find your true purpose, which can help you decipher the career path that suits you and fulfils your happiness. This reading is through e-mail. NOTE: This is not a complete palm reading. Please SCROLL down for instructions on what you need to send me.


What do you want to know through a career guidance palm reading? Did you know that through palmistry (hand analysis), we can discover character traits and things that we may not be aware of, like potential obstacles or health issues? You might also want to learn about what career suits you through your fingerprints and palm lines.

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Examples of questions you might ask
How do I decide what my ideal career field is?
What will it take to be successful or get over my obstacles?
Am I making a mistake in my decision?
What about partnerships or business?
Would you be better at a business or a job?
Can you guide me with the purpose of my life?


  1. A clear photo of both hands, preferably with the whole hand with fingers visible.
  2. Include clear pictures of fingernails and fingertips.
  3. Fingerprints are required (clear photo or ink print). If you cannot see your fingerprints in the photo, maybe some talcum powder on the fingertips can make the fingerprint lines more visible in a photo. Please note the complete fingerprint needs to be visible from the top crease. Also, indicate which are left and right prints.
  4. Please e-mail me HERE.
  5. Let me know whether you are right or left-handed.
  6. It helps if I also know your gender.
  7. Your age now (or full date of birth for a more accurate reading, inc. time and place).
  8. Please include your questions so that the reading is more personalized.
    NOTE: Your reading is a personal service in a queue if others have ordered before you. Please be patient; the waiting time for your reading varies depending on the demand. Please read and agree to our Terms and Conditions here.

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The author and publisher disclaim any liability or responsibility to any person or entity concerning any outcome, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by using any information presented in the readings. The readings and information are intended for general advice and entertainment.

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