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A little about me: My name is Sari Puhakka, I am 49 years of age, currently living in Australia. My journey in intuitive or ‘psychic‘ and tarot readings began when I was still a child, I grew up watching my mother and grandmother read cards regularly. I soon developed a keen interest in predicting the future using the cards and realised that they helped me to understand and listen to my intuition. I was finding answers to everyday problems which relieved my mind of worry. I regularly connect with others and see where their problem lies and give them guidance accordingly.

Initially, I only read for myself and a few close friends, but when a good friend gifted me with a brand new deck of Tarot, it was a sign, I knew then that I could use these readings as supplementary to the palm readings. Some of the clients I have now, go back many years, and they still trust me to give them the answers they are looking for.

Most people do not like to use the word psychic and consider anyone who says they are psychic as a bit mental. If you look up the word in the dictionary, the word mental is actually a synonym of it. But It’s such a strong word, much like the words clairvoyant or supernatural. This is the reason why I don’t call myself a psychic, but I do like to call it psychic help, or intuitive guidance for the word sensitive folk.

Why would you need intuitive guidance? Most people who are interested in this kind of help, hope for real answers and feel they need support in their situation usually because their own intuitive mind is closed off.

What can I help you with? Relationship questions? Career? You can ask me anything. See below what my happy clients have to say.

Customer Feedback:
‘Sari, Thank you so much for the reading. You don’t know how immensely your reading has helped me get over certain apprehensions that were killing me from within for quite some time and you cannot imagine how much with all my heart I appreciate this effort of yours. I am so thankful to God to have made me come in contact with you. I couldn’t thank you enough ever for bringing peace to my mind via your reading.’  S N—E-mail Tarot reading.

‘Thank you for the reading, it was bang on, you were right about everything you said and I really appreciate your effort.’ L.M Canada.

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How to order your reading:

1. Please send your questions to me here: CLICK HERE TO SEND E-MAIL

2. You will receive your reply through your e-mail.

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(Alternatively, you can make payment through SKRILL) to sari@destinypalmistry.com

PLEASE NOTE: Readings are completed in the order that they are received. Detailed readings may take longer depending on demand because they are personally written by me (to you) and are not computer generated templates, so please be patient, thank you.

Full Psychic Reading $109.95 AU (Ask as many questions as you need).

A valid e-mail

Intuitive Tarot Reading $30.00 (Up to 3 questions)

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With the full reading, I will select a card with a special message for you. These messages are a powerful way to improve your current condition.


Hello Sari,
Wow, that’s really great reading. How can you tell me so much about the situation that I’m facing now, that’s really amazing. Thank you so much. Andria.


Sari, Thank you, thank you so much for your reading!  Wow! I love your reading, so clear and so much details, very great!. V. N. Hunt


“You were right about everything, 100% spot on, can you please help me with another question?  P.H.—Logan.


Sari, you’re absolutely spot on. I shall be sure to leave great feedback for you. Many thanks, Veronika.


Thanks Sari, That was very accurate. Many thanks for taking the time to do this reading for me. J.D.C  E-mail


I really like the way you advise and very fortunate that I am in good hands. I am very grateful for your feedback and your advice, means a lot to me.. E-mail reading.


Thank you Sari: You are very good in your reading. Theresa.



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