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Short Head Line Effects in Hand Analysis

meaning of a very short head line

The short head line has a significant meaning in hand analysis. Reading the palm lines involves analyzing the character through this line. Any interpretation in a palm reading must include a knowledge of the various types of the head line, because it tells a lot about the personality.

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Where is the line on the palm?

It is a line that originates from the thumb side and travels across approximately three-quarters of the palm. The head line in professional terms is the lower transverse line. The average length of the head line would reach the area of the subconscious near the Mount of Moon.

short head line

How to tell if the head line is short?

If you draw a line between the little and ring finger to the centre of the base of the palm, the head line is short when it fails to reach this line. The meaning of this type of line is more significant if it is on both hands. The implications of this feature in personality analysis are pretty severe.

What does it mean?

It might surprise you that the head line can represent emotions. The head line carries information from an actual world aspect to the (Moon) subconscious area where the core-identity connections respond with the emotional values. These become reflected in the person’ responses.

The very short head line shows thinking will be practical and analytical with minimal investment of emotional interpretation in worldly affairs. In other words, an emotionless nature. In some circumstances, it can offer some significant advantages. Imagine a surgeon who must amputate a limb or a police or ambulance officer who needs to identify a body in an accident. These kinds of jobs require the disconnection of emotional responses.

Does it depict anything about intelligence?

The shortness of this line is unrelated to intelligence and abilities of learning and primarily indicates the line’s quality. If there are no other developmental conflicts, its interpretation in personality may, at most, show some neurotic behaviours but remain free of any mental health issues.

In general, it shows one who has more concerns about practical and routine matters. They prefer to concentrate on what is going on now without fussing over details, getting straight to the point. They do not like to waste time and quickly apply what they know to achieve their goals.

However, as often as not, this feature does come with other problematic interpretations. Consider the genetic factors or from otherwise acquired (learned) developments in personality. There are too many possible learned behaviours to mention. But severe mental health issues may take over the personality when seen in combination.

If the line is not attached to the life line at the start

In a head line with an apparent gap between these lines, the person is more adventurous. They are also independent, not necessarily connected by a bond. They have learned to think for themselves at a young age, either by choice or by circumstance. If this gap is vast, they can be impulsive or foolhardy.

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