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Skin Texture Can Reveal Your Personality

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When reading hands, it is essential to take in as many factors as possible to understand the individual’s makeup fully. Taking note of the skin texture and consistency of the flesh should be one of the first to receive your attention.

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These factors can alter or add to the meaning of some natural traits; the delicate skin lessens the qualities giving some refined (sophisticated) or sensitive characteristics. Coarse skin shows the opposite, a lack of refinement. The thicker the skin, the better it protects the body from toxins. Therefore, thick-skinned people do not get sick nearly as often as thin-skinned folk. Although when they do, it comes suddenly, usually without warning. (You can watch the video instead. Click here)


Mostly found in women, the healthy skin is not so soft to be silky, nor will it feel or look coarse. The ridges are relatively well visible, and the texture is like paper. The medium skin shows a reasonable amount of energy and sensitivity. They are receptive and casual with good social and communication skills. The type you would find in a lawyer, doctor or office worker.


The ridges on the palm and fingerprints on the somewhat rough skin are more visible. There are not as many fine lines on the palm. It feels slightly rougher than paper. This type of skin is found in men or women who possess the right amount of vitality (physically and mentally) but aren’t particularly refined or sensitive. They are well-grounded, active, sporty, hardworking and motivated.


Thin skin also has more fine lines. Usually, the palm has many fine lines all over, and the ridges are hardly visible. The skin may appear transparent with visible veins or reddish blotches. This type of skin portrays someone with less physical energy but increased physiological and physically sensitive. They do not handle criticism well and are often impatient.


Ridges and fingerprints are often difficult to see on smooth skin. The palms, covered in many fine lines, have skin that feels like silk. This type of skin shows the most amount of refinement and sensitivity. They have a quiet, receptive and gentle nature.


The ridges are very visible, and only the major lines are usually present on the palm, typically found solely in men. This skin may feel hard and abrasive, much like sandpaper.

The rough skin belongs to the less sophisticated, more animalistic individual. For this reason, sensitivity or empathy does not come naturally to them. He is happiest in the great outdoors and quickly feels unease if stuck in between walls too long. He is a physically robust and vigorous manual worker, commonly seen in farmers, builders, and mechanics. Very rough skin (if not formed by hard labour) can indicate long-term stress. (See the physical effects).


Thick skin naturally comes with deeper, clearer lines. The colour is even, with skin ridges and fingerprints visible. These people are robust, energetic and healthy but may lack sensitivity towards others if the texture is coarse. The term thick-skinned, which means someone who is insensitive to insults or criticism, applies to those with this type of skin unless they have a bulbous, conic tip on the Index finger and thumb.


A firm but flexible feel shows good muscular development, strength, and vitality. It can be found in various skin types.


Soft and flabby is when the skin is floppy or loose, and there is a distinct lack of spring when pressed. It is okay to have flabby skin in old age, but otherwise, soft and flabby skin can be an indication of laziness, someone who is a dreamer or a procrastinator.

The flabby skin can be from a lack of muscular development, so I regularly advise them to try to be more physically active. Loose skin can show ill health, and soft skin shows sensitivity or nervousness.

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