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Signs of Alcoholism in Palmistry?

signs of alcoholism in palmistry

Is it possible to see signs of alcoholism on the hands?

Are there signs of alcoholism in palmistry? Have you ever wondered if alcohol abuse or drug abuse is visible on the hands? I think it might be possible, but It’s impossible to ‘predict’ alcohol or drug abuse. These indicators can be a result of misuse. Before I tell you the likely signs of alcoholism, I want you to understand a little about modern palm reading.

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Even though many character traits come from our parents or upbringing, we are all unique. Our hands reflect our brains and our actions. The basic shape of the hand is primarily an essential part of reading the palms because it helps us determine the person’s first and most fundamental character.

The fingers and fingerprints are a huge part, too, because they can show how we express ourselves. The lines, too, can depict how we have developed in the past. Reading hands can be incredibly involved and intricate. Many of these signs are signs of stress or a complicated history. However, it is often the case that problems in someone’s life can manifest into alcohol or drug abuse.

Alcohol abuse signs in the palms

Remember, if you are reading palms, use care and tact. Never alarm a potentially nervous or sensitive subject. As a hand analyst, it is wrong to frighten or discourage anyone. If you fail to verify something, you might not have judged the whole hand correctly. Also, note that these lines are not predicting what’s to come but something already present in the subjects’ lives. Please consider the whole hand before making hypotheses.

Remember, the lines can change.

Remember, the lines can change over time; therefore, what is evident in your hands does not mean a permanent condition or event. Using the lines for prediction, get information from the past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future are just assumptions. In summary, they show what is potential for the subject based on past actions.

I have read some hands of confessed drug abusers and have not seen any signs of it on the hands. Not all cases show a sign of drug abuse or signs of alcoholism in palmistry. Some people have such a robust constitution that the hands do not reflect much. It is the more sensitive folk who will have the signs.

The signs of alcoholism in palmistry

  1. The first sign of alcoholism is probably the easiest. And that is hand tremors. Hand tremors can occur if the subject is going through a period of withdrawal or absence of alcohol. Other physical effects may be shivering, irregular heart rate, and sweating.
  2. From the shape of the hand, it is more common to see the fire-type hand. That is a thick or rectangular palm with smaller fingers. In other words, the base of the hand looks larger than the top. The reason is that this shape might be more of a risk-taker and prone to do things to excess.
  3. Some areas of the palm skin ridges show damage or wear, especially the fingerprints.
  4. The Jupiter mount might be well-developed, showing a large appetite. However, a deficient Jupiter, a flat mount or a tiny index finger can also be a sign. It is because the deficiency shows a low ego. A low ego is not a sign on its own.
  5. A weak-looking thumb is a sign of someone others might easily influence. Therefore, it can also be included.
  6. If the pinkie is short or somewhat bent, it can suggest a history of trauma or problems in the family. Sometimes these kinds of issues have the subject turning to drugs or alcohol to try to forget or numb the thoughts.
  7. Red-looking skin on the hands.
  8. Fingertip shape (see below)

Bulbous Fingertips

  1. The fingertips can appear bulbous, showing an obsessive nature. If the fingernails are also bulbous, it is a sign that the health is poor, especially in the respiratory system. Damage to the liver and kidneys might be visible from the fingernails if they are white in the nail bed.
  2. If someone gets angry quickly, they might turn to drugs or alcohol to calm their feelings. One of the signs of a hot temper is thick hard palms with reddish skin. The fingernails are likely to be short, broad and red. An exaggerated mount of Mars or plain of Mars is another sign of a quick temper, and so is a clubbed thumb.
alcohol abuse signs in palmistry

The girdle of Venus and addiction

The Girdle of Venus is a line that is common for someone who might abuse alcohol or drugs because of the intensity of its meaning. It shows a state of nervousness and quick temper if aspects show these qualities elsewhere. In its complete form, the line strengthens whatever characteristics are present in the temperament of the individual. It is a mark of heightened nerves, feelings, and positive or negative emotions.

More signs of alcoholism from the lines on the palm:

Remember these suggestions do not predict alcoholism, but can be as a result of long term abuse.

  1. A line from the life line or mount of Mars that terminates in a star formation suggests possible mental illness.
  2. The life line or any other line might also have an island formation.
  3. If alcoholism has affected the mind, there might be a black dot on the head line and a star on the mount of the Moon.
  4. The line of Mars will appear very red or end in a fork.
  5. There might also be many fine lines called Mercury lines or health lines.
  6. Sometimes, the head line is wavy, islanded or chained, indicating an unclear or unsteady mentality. A branch line might rise to touch the heart line or vice versa.
  7. A Simian line, which is a line that runs across the whole palm in place of the head and heart line, can show obsessiveness or compulsive behaviour.
  8. The line of addiction, or via lascivia, is regularly in the hands of addicts.
  9. Many feathery lines emanating from the lower part of the life line can suggest some health issues, especially arthritis, diabetes or acidity. These two can be a byproduct of alcohol abuse.

More potential signs of alcoholism in palmistry

Grille marks show up when the body is under stress.

These grille marks are a group of many lines in a patch. Typically, vertical and horizontal lines overlap in one area, forming what may look like a lattice. However, the lines are often not visible but instead an area that seems to be a blur of lines or skin ridges. The patch might also be very dry or scaly. Where these types of lines are, show different meanings:

The grille on the Mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury is the padded area of the palm under the little finger. If this mount has a series of lines, it shows the person might be over-working. Communications are overwhelming, and there’s a risk of failure (especially in business). It can also be a sign of ‘shrewdness’, a schemer and con artist.

The grille on the mount of Apollo

One of the grille marks on the palm that is most worrisome is the one under the ring finger, the mount of Apollo. It shows that there is excessive vanity, and the person feels lost in their search for recognition. They might not be using their talent, and the happiness of future success is damaged (reputation).

Grille mark on the mount of Saturn

A grille mark under the middle finger is a sign of brooding. The person feels confined and unlucky. Depending on other indicators, it can suggest ‘actual’ confinement. The Mount of Saturn is the area of ‘the father’s’. There may be current issues with the father or grandfather.

The grille on the mount of Jupiter

The grill marks on the palm suggest excessiveness or blocked energies. The mount of Jupiter (beneath the index finger) represents ambition and power. Therefore, it shows the frustration of authority. The individual might have a very domineering attitude. They might exaggerate and have a superstitious mind.

Grille marks on the lower part of the palm

Most of the grille marks on the lower area of the palm suggest health issues; hence, they can be one of the signs of alcoholism in palmistry. Arthritis, stomach, intestinal, bladder and kidneys are the most common ailments. Grille marks on the ball of the thumb can denote a tendency towards lasciviousness or unhealthy desires. On the opposite side (mount of the Moon), feelings of sadness, nervousness or discontent.

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