Forked Head Line Meaning in Palmistry

forked head line

If you are interested in palmistry, you might have come across some unusual lines, like the forked head line. The fork can vary in its connotation, depending on the size and shape. The head line commences from the space between the base of the index finger and thumb. The line usually runs horizontally at least halfway across the palm.

What is palmistry? It is the art of studying the hand as well as all features on it, such as the lines and fingerprints. These days, modern palmistry steers away from the predictive side of reading hands due to some individuals’ reputations as being fortune-tellers, hence giving the practice a bad name. Palmistry is hand analysis and the main use is to analyse the character.

How important is it to read the head line?

The head line is one of the most significant on the palm because it reveals a great deal about you. It gives clues as to how you think and manage (mentally). This line can show whether you are struggling or sailing along smoothly and how you make decisions. If you are looking for honesty, stability, intelligence, imagination and rationality, the head line is where you can find some of those answers. This line can also tell about your steadiness, impulses and whether you hang onto thoughts. Visible signs of physical injury to the head are also possible.

It’s essential to note the length and type of head line

A head line that is tied, but narrowly separated from the life line at its commencement, suggests someone who is happiest when there are others around them whom they can relate. While they are confident, they may feel the need for support or sympathy from those people.

A connected head line to the life line for more than a centimetre, the individual is cautious and likely to take their time in becoming independent. The longer the join, the more insecure their ways. They tend to cling to the security of their family, home base and their lifestyle. The attitude, in general, is inhibited with a reluctance to make decisions by themselves.

A head line Where there is an apparent gap between it and the life line, shows someone more adventurous and has an independent nature, and not necessarily connected by a bond to the family. They have learned to think for themselves at a young age, either by choice or by circumstance. If this gap is vast, they can be impulsive or foolhardy.


The length of the head line

The very long head line shows a deep, sophisticated thinker, they tend to consider more evidence before making decisions and are more philosophical than those with a short one. If this line runs entirely across the palm, it gives obsessive qualities. A short head line belongs to one who does not like to waste time and so quickly apply what they know through common sense to get their work done promptly.

The forked head line meaning

forked head line

A forked head line at its end is generally a favourable mark indicating creativity and practicality. The mind can quickly go from one thought to another. The downside of it is getting distracted easily. It is traditionally seen as a talent for writing. Many palmists call it the writer’s fork.

If this fork is large, like halfway along the line appearing almost as two headlines, it indicates a dual personality. A dual nature can be the very hands-on type, yet very imaginative in other ways. An example might be an accountant who loves to dance, a farmer who designs cubby houses, or an artist who is also a business person. A man I once knew who had schizophrenia had this very long fork; however, on its own, it is not an indicator of the condition.

What if there is more than one fork?

Sometimes there are two forks on the head line, where one of the branches also has a small fork. The lower branch depicts great imagination, and the smaller fork depicts the creativeness, such as a writer.

A double head line

The double head line has the same meaning as a heavily forked line, having two facets to the personality. I have seen this formation on a few occasions. A woman I know has this and she is a talented musician, yet her career is in administration. Later, she changed her mind and chose to become a paramedic. She is very intelligent and also happens to be bi-sexual. Potentially someone with these dual-lines, can be very multi-talented and maybe even have multiple personalities that they can use to their advantage.

Upwards curve on the head line

A line with an upward curve at the end, suggests an ability to organise and direct others. The mind is aware, in that they quickly get to the bottom line and know what’s going to be said or going to happen. If combined perhaps with an extended thumb and well-proportioned fingers, it represents the mind of a tycoon, a businessman. If it reaches the Mount of Mercury, it gives the owner an unusual character in a way that they can influence others; it is said to be the sign of the money-maker.

The downwards sloping head line

If the head line is very long and sloping, reaching the Mount of Moon, the owner can think in intuitive and creative ways. They are sensitive and so might be at the risk of being overly dreamy or moody. These people like to internalise their thoughts or dreams which can have them imagining things that aren’t real. If with other negative indicators, it is one of the signs of depression on the palm.

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  1. Sorry that I forget to say that someone with a big forked headline that the forked line at the halfway of a straight line can become a good businessman, rather than a writer. Is it true?

  2. If marriage line has tendency towards heart line and on the other hand a line from the base of the thumb tries to reach towards marriage line but it is broken in the center,it is skipped..even then it is a sign of divorce??please guide.

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