Spaces between the fingers in Palmistry

spaces between the fingers


The spaces between the fingers portray specific characteristics, especially if there is more than a moderate amount of space at the base. You might think that palmistry is just about the lines on the palms, but to read the hands correctly, we have to consider many more aspects. The shape of the hand, fingers and fingernails all play a big part in this analysis.

If the fingers are close together

Fingers set close together show cautious traits. Imagine a shy person; they don’t like to be noticed and will try to hide. Whether the fingers are naturally close or held close depicts that timid nature. Often the person holds their thumb tucked into the palm, almost touching the index finger. This clinging of the thumb can show a reluctance to reveal themselves. If the index finger appears to cling to the middle finger, they need security from an authority figure or don’t want to show their inner self.

The meaning of the spaces between the fingers

The gaps pretty much represent an open and carefree personality. The wider the area, the more of the open traits are evident. The way to understand the spaces is to consider the meanings of each of the fingers. The index finger is mainly about leadership and self-image. The middle finger is about responsibility and security—the ring finger about our style and creativity and the pinkie about communication.


Ample spaces between the fingers like the middle and index finger shows initiative. This type of person is someone with organisational skills and who likes freedom. They prefer to make their decisions and so are primarily independent and ambitious. They enjoy their solitude and prefer to work alone since they do not habitually feel the need to be in the company of others.

spaces between the fingers


Typically, the Saturn (middle) and Apollo (ring) fingers sit close together at the base. It is a regular aspect and suggests someone private and rational with a security-conscious mind. This security might come from a steady career, partner, or family. They are reasonably cautious in most matters. If also with a straight and moderate length Saturn finger, they make good employees due to their regard for rules and respect for authority.


Ample space between the ring finger (Apollo) and the pinkie (Mercury finger) shows someone who acts independently and prefers not to follow a trend; some people may regard them as eccentric. They do not like to be restricted physically or mentally from doing what they want, often needing time to be on their own away from other people.


Wide spaces at the base of all the fingers suggest an open, carefree, generous and sympathetic person who is quite approachable and quickly acquainted. The difficulty with this type of free personality is that they can tend to act impulsively and habitually so, especially if on a fire hand. The recklessness may be spontaneous, but in most instances, it is sheer extravagance, particularly regarding money. It seems to slip through their fingers.

The people with wide spaces between all the fingers are rarely judgemental of others and consider people’s feelings. Freedom is essential, as well as doing what they want. Because of their free spirit and dislike of normality, they can be rather unconventional or careless about planning for their future. It’s likely that they are gullible or easily influenced by others. They might not have had any concerns about finances or security in their home in their growing years.

wide gaps between the fingers meaning in palmistry
Wide gaps between all the fingers

Carefree attitude signs in palmistry

The carefree attitude seen from the fingers is not the same for everyone. However, it can manifest as a lack of discipline in matters of responsibility and could be why it is tough to hold on to money. It is mainly the case if, with a weak thumb, Simian line and arch and loop-shaped fingerprints on the Saturn fingers. It’s good for them to have an organised regime or supportive people or mentors who can help them.

These spaces, with a long and thick Apollo finger, and a life line separate from the head line can describe a gambler. These people like to act on impulse and take risks.

  • They believe in doing whatever they want, in a way they want.
  • They do not usually like being told what to do; hence, don’t make good employees, unless they have a love for their work with much freedom to make choices.
  • They are not afraid to break the rules to do or get what they want. They may also tend to procrastinate.

Positive aspects are their generosity and friendliness. Other features of the hand can override the negative ones. For instance, square nails, good Saturn finger length, and square thumb tip bring balance. Also, an equal length head and heart lines with a squarish palm.

Finger Settings

low-set pinkie

As far as the setting of the fingers, typically, the fingers are set level on the palm. Or, they might have a gentle curve in their setting on the hand. However, when a finger is set lower, it reduces the strength of the area involved.


When this finger is sitting very low on the edge, it suggests under-development of the traits that Mercury mount represent. Traits such as to do with business and confidence, especially in communication and language. Creative talent might be present, but they may tend to daydream about it more than create it. The creativity might only be expressed privately, such as home decorating or crafts, especially if with pointed fingertips.

If the pinkie is also small, emotional needs in relationships may be an issue. It can infer to a history of deprivation or inadequacy at a young age; whether due to hardship, setbacks or an absent or overly nurturing parent. The biggest obstacle that this feature presents that of difficulty connecting, verbalising and naivety in emotional or sexual matters. If with a weak thumb, they may also inadvertently seek a dominant or unsuitable marriage partner.


The low-set Jupiter finger lessens the qualities of the mount beneath it. It shows a degree of shyness or deficiency of confidence. It can also show a lack of leadership, and occasionally responsibility. With some absence of the courage to stand up for themselves. This type of person might sacrifice what they want to fit in with other people’s opinions or plans. Decision-making is challenging and usually left for someone else to make. If the index finger is thick, it balances out the qualities. If that’s the case, then the qualities mentioned above don’t apply.

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