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Health Line Meaning and Marks on the Palm

What Does the Health Line Represent on the Palm?

The Health line or Mercury line, also called a line of the liver, describes a person’s overall state of health. It usually starts near the lower section of the palm on the Mount of Moon (lower ulnar area) and runs upward towards the Mount of Mercury under the little finger. This line mainly indicates the state of the liver and digestive system. However, because of the qualities of Mercury, it can also depict a business-minded nature, especially if the line runs deep onto the Mount of Mercury. Keep in mind that you cannot diagnose from one line alone.

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When the health line is not present on the hand, the individual is quite robust and rarely suffers health issues. The best line is clear and sharp because it implies someone with a good constitution. If the line appears red, inflamed or otherwise discoloured at any time, it can suggest that a temporary inflammation may present and the body is trying to fight it. Always look at the colour of the nails and skin. Also, look for anything unusual, like dry skin, warts or patches of grille lines.

A Weak Health Line

A weak line is faint, fragmented, chained or multiplied. It can show that health is not as robust as it could be. However, I have seen a weak line of mercury on perfectly healthy individuals who say they rarely suffer any illness. When this is the case, I believe the person may be very aware of their body and take care not to do anything which may upset their system. Keeping track of your health helps and knowing which foods are wrong for you and your digestive system.

If the health line is chained throughout

A chained line looks like it is made up of many short fine lines and is said to be a condition of a diseased liver and or stomach. Look to other indicators with every appearance, variation, or defect in the line. Colour of the skin, colour and condition of the nails and the other lines.

Star Mark

A star on a mount is a positive sign, but on a line, it shows a shock to the system or an event that causes a block in the normal flow of life. A star on the Mercury line can represent an illness that comes suddenly. However, some hands are prone to these lines and have no consequences. Keeping track of your health helps if you are concerned.

An island on the Health line

An island formation (line splits into two then rejoins) shows a period of poor health or weakened constitution. The immune system may be under stress. Look for clues on the life line for other markings for the same period.

If the life line has an island on the lower part, it shows a time of uncertainty. A line of Mercury that passes through this island can depict a more severe condition. Check the quality of other lines for the same period and the life line after the island. The constitution is likely to be healthy if lines are well-formed and free of breaks. With the continuing of the line, the condition is liable to pass.

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