Health Warning Mark Also for Women Giving Birth

Health Warning Mark for Women Giving Birth

My friend had a suspicious mark on her life line. It is as if the line just stopped and about 7mm along it started again. There was a definite break in the line. I said to her that this is an uncertain period and that there was no particular path for a period. In some cases, it shows illness. In my mind, however, I knew that it was a health warning, a bad sign. However, of course, I did not want to shock her since there are so many things that could cause a break in the line of life.

My friend was baffled about the mark because where the break was situated, it suggested that the time was very soon. She was in perfect health and recently gave birth to her second son. She couldn’t think of any reason to have a phase of uncertainty or ill health.

Health warning

It was a few weeks after giving birth, (I can’t recall, maybe 3-8weeks) that she suddenly fell to the ground. She had passed out. Her husband quickly called the ambulance, and they rushed her to hospital. No one, even her partner, had any idea what just happened. After several tests, they discovered that she had septicemia, a severe blood infection caused by bacteria.

During her stay in the hospital, the doctors didn’t know if she would survive it. Everyone that heard about it, felt disbelief. It was thought to have been caused by some retained placenta after giving birth. Luckily, she did pull through after treatment. The condition was not over, something had happened to her vascular system, and she needed to be on medication for many years to prevent (primarily) death.

So, to confirm, the break in her line of life was illness, near death. Now, please do not get alarmed if you or someone you know has this break. However, it is wise to be aware and take care. It won’t always be the same situation for everyone, but it can be serious. Your hands can give away other clues to the problem.

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