Life Line Health Warning Mark in Palmistry

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In this article, you will learn about a potential life line health warning mark. Palmistry is well known to most as reading the lines on the palms. In the modern age, it is mainly used to study the character. However, looking for clues about the condition of the body, as in health, is also a common practice.

The palm lines can tell us about the health of the mind, the emotions, the body and sometimes even the spiritual side. The head line gives clues to mental health. The heart line shows our feelings, and the life line can depict the overall picture. As an example, you might find a blemish on the life line and a corresponding mark on the heart line, suggestiing some emotional problem. Remember that it’s always essential to look for other signs over the palm to hint what the mark might represent.

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The Health Warning Example

My friend had a suspicious mark on her life line. It is as if the line just stopped halfway for about the length of 7mm and then started again. There was a definite break in the line. A section of the line was missing altogether. If you imagine the line as continual energy in one direction, a break in the line will represent a break in the energy flow pattern.

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I said to her that this break depicts an uncertain period. Although I couldn’t be sure what it meant precisely, it’s marking a time of illness in some cases that I’ve seen. I told her not to worry about it since there are so many things that could cause a break in the line of life. I felt confident that this period in her life, she was going to be making a decision that might change her life.

My friend was somewhat baffled about the mark because where the break was situated, it suggested that the time was very soon, based on her age. She was in perfect health and recently gave birth to her second son. She couldn’t think of any reason to have a phase of uncertainty or ill health.

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The Life Line Health Warning Was Real

It was a few weeks later that my friend suddenly fell to the ground. She had passed out for no apparent reason. Her husband quickly called the ambulance, and they rushed her to the hospital. No one, even her partner, had any idea what just happened. After several tests, they discovered that she had septicemia, a severe blood infection caused by bacteria.

It was thought to have been caused by some retained placenta after giving birth. During my friends stay in the hospital, the doctors didn’t know if she would survive it. Everyone that heard about it felt disbelief. Luckily, she did pull through after treatment. The condition was not over straight away, though, something had happened to her vascular system, and she needed to be on medication for many years. Not only that, she had personal problems with her husband. And, so when she came home from the hospital, she decided to file for a divorce.

The Conclusion

So, it seemed that the break in the line was two things. One, that she no longer wanted to continue her marriage, and two, the illness. The fact that the line continued strongly after the break was a welcoming sign.

Please do not get alarmed if you or someone you know has this break. It is wise to be aware and take care but It won’t always be the same situation for everyone. Look for clues or confirmation from the other lines and marks on the palms.

NOTE: To back up any possible health issues acquired from palmistry, you should always consult a qualified medical practitioner. Please don’t make the mistake of diagnosing from the nails, palms or lines alone. Many of these indicators are in frequent change according to the individuals’ state of affairs.

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