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Finger Length Meaning in Hand Analysis

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Finger Length Meaning in Hand Analysis

Analysing the finger length has a role in palmistry because it can show how we express ourselves. The fingers can also reveal our development. When you know the meaning of the finger lengths, you can easily recognise a person’s primary character through a mere glimpse. As you know, “a face can wear a mask,” and if a person is a good actor, they might be able to hide their real personality. But the character that the hands and fingers show is the fundamental nature of the individual.

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The finger length, shape, and size are considered when analysing the hands, and because we can easily see the fingers, it makes evaluating the characteristics instant and simple.

Average finger length

Many people do not fall into a category where the fingers are unusually long or short but rather average. The fingers and palm appear equal in length. As quoted by Cheiro, these types belong to a cultured race. They have inherited from an intellectual line of ancestors showing a higher mentality that can be depended on.


The fingers are classed as short when they look shorter in proportion to the rest of the hand, except the earth shape; where the whole hand seems short (or square). As with the long fingers, there are varying degrees of shortness, with the qualities being more pronounced in the very short fingers.

  • Physical or intuitive drives dominate the use of intellect. The shorter the fingers, the more physical or animalistic is the nature.
  • Generally, the short-fingered folk are passionate, restless and impatient; giving no time for details and everything needs to be done fast. With this lack of interest in trivial matters, they have the ability to get to the point and see the whole picture. Speed and action are what they are all about, possessing an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, (if the fingers are not soft) they are physically capable people.
  • They are quite brave but mostly impulsive in their actions, hence accident-prone or easily make mistakes.
  • Happy and lively by nature.
  • If the short fingers are thin, it shows someone more tactful with a need for freedom.
  • Thick short fingers show a quick mind but a blunt approach. (Watch the video about fingers here.)


long fingers in palmistry

Long finger length, whether long relative to the palm or with an extended palm, reveals someone who is more mentally active than physically. Technical, slow-moving and slow-talking, their mind is the driving force for their life purpose; carefully investigating every option with their suspicious mind. That is, as long as they are not unusually long and thin. In which case, the fingers are out of proportion to the palm depicting too much ideality and refinement. These types lack practicality and level-headedness.

  • The long fingers show someone who can be depended on things requiring research, science, literature, philosophy, or anything related to mental work.
  • The combination of patience, fussiness and the ability to communicate, these people make good teachers, business people, writers, accountants, and bookkeepers; They excel in any field that requires precise accuracy.
  • Almost everything they do is deliberate and thoughtful.
  • Due to their observational skills, they are watchful and careful.
  • Their slow style makes them patient and easy-going.
  • They can have a long memory.
  • If the fingers are excessively long, they can be cowardly, uncompassionate or cold.


You might notice that sometimes just one finger appears longer than usual. We can consider the meaning of the single finger to help in the character analysis.

  • Long index finger shows someone who can take charge. They can make rules and regulations and make sure everyone obeys.
  • The middle finger, when unusually long, portrays one with regard for responsibilities, but can be overly serious and inclined to melancholy.
  • The ring finger, if extremely long, indicates a desire for glory and fame. These types are the risk-takers and might be inclined to gamble with money.
  • The little finger, if long, is a sign of having the gift of speech. Excellent quality for orators and public speakers.


You might notice that a person with short fingers, often also has short lines, especially the line of the head. A short head line depicts less mental patience than a long head line. The heart line too might be short, suggesting less sentiment and a more selfish kind of love.

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There is more to analysing hands than just reading the lines. It is a combination of comparing aspects of the whole hand, and so it can take some time to do. The basic shape of the hand is especially an important part of reading the palms because it is what helps us to determine the first and most essential character of the person. Discovering this extra information can give you direction in life or more confidence in your abilities.

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