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Minor Lines in Palmistry and Palm Reading

minor lines in palmistry

The minor lines in palmistry are the fine, less prominent creases on the palm. These little lines do not appear on every hand, and others form only in part. As a rule, small lines form more readily on the soft skin. If the skin is coarse, there is less chance of having minor lines. For some of us, even though we are born with many creases on the palms, more lines can appear as we mature. Depending on what we do and how we live, results in the line.

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The minor lines, often called secondary lines, like the major ones, vary in length, depth, and quality. Some small lines are relatively rare, such as the intuition line, the ring of Apollo, the ring of Saturn or the ring of Solomon. Some lines are difficult to validate, and it takes careful observation to tell the difference between a branch off the main line and a secondary line. Other ones are merely stress lines and often cover the whole palm of a sensitive individual.

minor lines in palmistry, stress lines

Not every line has a specific name.

Many modern-day palm readers are coming up with new names for every tiny line they find. I don’t think it’s necessary because most tiny lines are from stress or worry. In one of my videos on YouTube, I mention a ‘Pencil in the ear line’ and a ‘Thomas the Tank engine line’ as a joke because naming every line is unnecessary.

Are symbols, letters and signs minor lines?

Symbols are made up of lines. However, I have never found any significance in symbols because I consider mainly modern palmistry; symbol meanings are merely superstitions. I understand that it is exciting to see something unusual like a swastika or a fish sign, but realistically, the symbol doesn’t make sense. I have an article naming some symbols and their Indian meanings, if you’re interested, see here.

If you have many fine lines on your palm

A hand with many lines is formed primarily due to the fine-textured skin. This type of person is quite responsive to people and their surroundings and experiences every situation somehow. They regularly find ways to release emotional energy and can also be sensitive or highly strung, frequently suffering from worry or confusion.

On the positive side, this type of person can be creative, caring, gentle and refined with many interests. If some minor lines appear in a cluster, forming a series of fine parallel lines, it shows much energy focused on the zone concerned. If the lines form a grille pattern, it is excessiveness, overuse or stress involving the area affected. See the page about grill markings on the palm for more detailed descriptions.

only few lines on the palm, Simian line

If you have only a few lines on the palm

A hand with just a few lines is on someone with medium or coarse skin. They are usually calm, self-confident, down-to-earth, and practical. They tend not to worry as much and like to stick to the same routine or lifestyle.

The downside to this type is that they may not be sensitive towards their emotions or feelings of others and can suffer from stress-related health problems. However, these traits can be opposed if the person has found a way to deal with the negative aspects. An outlet for this energy helps, such as keeping busy with their hobby, career or relationships.

List of Minor Lines in Palmistry

minor lines in palmistry

Minor lines in palmistry: Inspiration and influence lines

  1. Children lines.
  2. Ring of Mercury.
  3. A Ring of Apollo.
  4. Ring of Saturn.
  5. The Ring of Solomon.
  6. Children lines
  7. Marriage line.
  8. Medical Stigmata, healing, Samaritan lines.
  9. Camera’s eye.
  10. Inspiration/influence line (see details below)
  11. Passion line
  12. Success line
  13. Fate line
  14. Girdle of Venus
  15. Stress/trauma line
  16. Ambition line
  17. Effort line
  18. Mars line
  19. Stress line
  20. Loyalty line
  21. Sister line
  22. Obstacle line
  23. Via Lascivia (Line of addiction)
  24. Rascettes
  25. Allergy line
  26. Health line (Mercury line) – see details below.
  27. Travel lines
  28. Courage line
  29. Dedication line

The lines that rise to another line are lines of influence or inspiration. If, for example, the subject received help from another source or person, it is an influence line. These lines arise from anywhere on the palm, usually on a mount or from a mount. They can also represent a union or partnership if along the life line or if it rises to the fate line. When it originates from the head line or the heart line to touch either the fate or success lines, it is more appropriate to be called an inspiration line.

It is an inspiration line because the subject has had an idea, thought or feeling that inspired action. These lines most commonly rise from the heart line to the success line, showing a heartfelt decision regarding the career, hobby, or business enterprise.

The one rising from the head line indicates a logical choice. But don’t worry if you do not have these lines; their absence doesn’t mean they lack inspiration or influence.

Venus mount lines, lines on venus mount, support lines, sister lines, mars lines

The vertical lines on the Mount of Venus mainly show family influences, whether the mother, father or siblings. They can also represent any person or persons who have impacted or made a strong impression in their life. William Benham describes someone with many influence lines on the Mount of Venus as having a healthy sexual appetite. From my study, many see themselves as spiritually aware.

Health line or Mercury line

The Mercury line, also called a health line, or line of the liver, describes a person’s overall state of health. It usually starts on the Mount of Moon or the life line and runs upward towards the Mount of Mercury. This line mainly shows the state of the liver and digestive system. However, because of the qualities of Mercury, it can also depict business success or failure. If the line runs deep onto the Mount of Mercury with rising branches, it shows great business success.

When this line is not present on the hand, it is that the individual is quite robust and rarely suffers health issues. The best kind of line is clear and sharp because it implies someone with a good constitution. If the line appears red, inflamed or otherwise discoloured at any time, it can mean there are toxins or an infection present, and the body is trying to fight it. Read more about the line of Mercury here.

Minor lines in palmistry – the Fate line

The fate line is also called the Saturn line or career line. It rises towards the middle finger and is associated with the same qualities as the Saturn mount. The fate line is the best line to see a change in the life of its bearer. Therefore, it shows a steady life path if it doesn’t show changes, such as breaks and branches.

A perfect and straight fate line that runs directly from the base of the palm to below the middle finger is rare. However, it can denote a decided career or direction in life. The person with this type knows who they are; they are self-motivated and in control of their chosen path in life from an early age. You can read more about the fate line here.

You can search this website for all about the lines, just type the line’s name in the search bar. Or check out my complete book below. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site today. I hope you like and share.

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