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Ring of Solomon Meaning on the Palm

ring of solomon

What is palmistry and what is it used for?

Palmistry is an analysis of the hands, palm lines, ridges and fingerprints. Sometimes, the lines form in unusual ways, like the ring of Solomon. It is not a mark used for prediction, and these days, contemporary palmistry steers away from the predictive side of reading hands.

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The art in Western culture is mainly used to depict character, career and health. Other cultures do things a little differently. Palm readers in the East tend to forecast things like accidents and disasters, and some even tell people when how long they will live. However, it is not possible to know those kinds of things through the hands and readers should avoid even attempting to look for them.

The Ring of Solomon

In palmistry, a fine curved line under the ring finger is called the ring of Solomon. The lines that encircle below the fingers are relatively rare, except the ring of Solomon. It often appears in sections as a partial ring or several faint lines. One clear deep line will have a higher significance and is more uncommon.

In my observations, I regard these lines as a ‘block’ in the flow of energy from the finger. Many people believe this ring is a gift marking, but it depends on the individual. It is meant to symbolise knowledge and wisdom. When I think of the ring of Solomon, I think of perseverance and sound reasoning. However, it can suppress the ego and prevent the flow of self influences. The lack of these self-importance traits, in a way, free up the possibility of genuine spiritual development.

The index finger (Jupiter finger) represents our self-esteem, authority, power, ego and leadership. It makes sense that the ring beneath the finger is impeding some of those qualities. Therefore, the person has a selfless and caring attitude with less focus on their own needs, which allows insight into the nature of others. They have a gift for understanding people and are very intuitive if other factors on the hand agree. (See other factors from the article about the sympathy lines.) Be careful though, the sympathy and trauma lines can often be mistaken as the Solomon ring.

More about the ring of Solomon

The individuals who have the ring of Solomon have a natural aptitude for analysing everything. The line in many examples is doubled or has the teachers square or sympathy lines beneath it. It is a mark on conscious people who handle others well, such as managers and psychologists. The downside sometimes is that the subject might not follow their dreams or fulfil their life purpose, instead, helping others to do so.

A complete one is rare but denotes precise analytical and judgment ability. The excellent observation of the heart of things, the insight into others’ minds, and the luck of getting help from others. In dangerous situations, an owner of a ring of Solomon has a way of getting out of the problematic position. Also, they tend to have good luck with the opposite sex and in finding a beautiful partner due to their unique insight.

William Benham states that the ring of Solomon is an indication of love for occult studies, and of an ability to obtain proficiency in them if other signs are present. On its own, it is not a sign of skill in the realm of the occult thoughts, but just an indication that it is a possible direction to take.

If you do not have the ring of Solomon (but wish you did), you can wear a ring on the index finger instead. But be careful, a ring with a stone will enhance the qualities of Jupiter. It will help with your ability to take charge or get lucky. 🙂

If you have a partial ring of Solomon

Sympathy lines are like an incomplete ring of Solomon. There is usually one or two lines that originate from the side of the Jupiter mount. They show a compassionate and understanding nature. If the line (or lines) reach all the way to beneath the middle finger (Saturn), they depict stress, trauma or great responsibilities at a young age.

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Ring of Apollo

The ring of Apollo sits under the ring finger. It is a mark that restricts the normal flow of the positive qualities that Apollo has. It is said to indicate one who has a negative view of life and affects the creative ability or social life. The person might be at risk of their reputation or success in their endeavours. The best backup for a ring of Apollo is a good head line that doesn’t reach down to the Mount of Moon and also a well-developed Jupiter mount.

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