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Knuckle Reading for Past, Present and Future

knuckle reading

A few years ago, I read somewhere about the meaning of a star on the knuckle of the thumb. It got me curious about knuckle reading because I studied the thumb lines. I didn’t consider the other side of the hand other than the skin texture and fingernails until then. It wasn’t surprising to learn that there’s not much about it. However, one hand reader in Texas, Judy Hipskind, has been studying the knuckles for some time. From her works, I’d like to base some of this knowledge on knuckle reading.

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How to read the knuckle

The method in knuckle reading is to first read the shape of the skin on the knuckle. The skin might be raised, firm, dented, hollow or soft. When reading your knuckles, look at them with your fingers pointing down. If reading someone else’s knuckles, the fingers should point towards you, the reader. This type of reading does not use the thumb.

Each finger represents a particular area of life. In palmistry, the index finger is about leadership. When reading the knuckle is about a career. The middle finger knuckle is where we read about money. The ring finger shows relationships, and the little finger is about business, negotiation, or communication.

Past, present and future

The tip knuckles and the middle ones are read together. The middle knuckles on the non-dominant hand tell the background story. The tip knuckles are the catalyst, in other words, the thing that precipitates an event or a change.

On the dominant hand, the middle knuckles represent the present. The knuckles on the tips of the dominant hand are where we look at the future.

The shape of the knuckle is our life experience and what we expect in the future based on past actions or experiences. The colour also helps to predict how things are going along. The lines on the knuckles tell about the world around us, mainly through symbols.

Various shapes in knuckle reading

Only the middle knuckles are used when deciphering the shape. A smooth knuckle will have the skin stretched across and appears flat with no raised bumps or ridges. If the knuckle has raised bumps, they might be firm, soft or average to the touch. The dented knuckle looks like a doughnut, or the middle area has been pushed in. A furrowed knuckle is like the dented one, but the indent is long and vertical, which looks like a tyre track or a trench.

What do they mean?

The smooth knuckle represents precisely what it is, a smooth life. It shows the person has the right attitude and easy life (thus far). The more raised the knuckle, the more experiences are shown. For example, if the raised knuckle feels average to the touch, they are knowledgeable and have a busy life. If it is firm, it shows accomplishments, confidence and success. However, if the raised knuckle is soft, the person is indecisive and might feel overwhelmed by disappointments. The trenched or dented knuckle shows there have been pressures or confusing times in life. The efforts so far have come unrewarded. Hard work is needed to bring success.

Each knuckle might have a different shape, or they might all be the same looking. Remember to judge each one based on past or present and what each finger represents. So the index is about career, and the middle finger reveals the finances. The ring finger details relationships and the little finger is about your negotiating (communication) skills.

smooth knuckle palmistry
  • Smooth knuckles show you’re doing well in that area.
  • Average raised knuckles show that you need to put in more effort.
  • Firm, and raised knuckles depict your success, and you can go even further. (Usually in the shape of a tyre track).
  • Soft raised knuckles mean you need to knuckle down and forge ahead to succeed.
  • The dented and trenched knuckle (like a doughnut) tells that you need to do whatever it takes to remove obstacles and prioritise your goals.
knuckle reading in palmistry

Symbols and signs on the knuckles

The symbols used in knuckle reading range from warriors to flags and signs like the fish. The warrior is like a stick man who represents a feeling, action or a person. It is the warriors’ posture or position that tells us the story. For example, the warrior might look like it’s jumping up, depicting winning or slouching like it’s defeated.

A warrior on the index finger

On the index finger, the warrior represents someone connected to your career or how the career is going. It might be a boss, co-worker or an employee. For instance, if there are many warriors, it can depict a lot going on with work or that there are many co-workers. If the warrior is like no.3 in the image below, it will depict a career going well. A figure similar to no.4 or one that is lying down is a sign that things have been slack or that the career is not going anywhere.

The middle finger

On the middle finger, it represents someone who is connected to you financially. It might be a broker, lender, investment partner, or even someone who supports you financially. You might have a warrior like no.7 if you are currently happy with your financial position. A second warrior might represent financial support, especially if positioned above the first one.

Warrior on the ring finger or little finger

On the ring finger, it tells about relatives or relationships in your personal life, a friend, lover, spouse, child or even an acquaintance. Multiple warriors might represent many important relationships. A single star, like a warrior, is one special person.

On the little finger, it is about someone you negotiate with or have dealt with formally to get something done.

warrior marks on knuckles

Meanings of the warrior shapes

  1. The most common shape for a warrior without a head.
  2. A more abstract version, much like an asterisk.
  3. Winning, victorious, succeeding.
  4. Feeling defeated, tired, and obstacles.
  5. Aggressive, strong position to succeed.
  6. Defensive, time to rethink your project.
  7. Happy, making excellent progress.
  8. Weak or ill. You need help from others.
  9. Strong, energetic, keep going.
  10. Jumping, leaping, and making great strides, you can expect success.
  11. Staying still, reaching a plateau, time to make new goals.
  12. Secretive. Hidden matters can threaten your project.

Other symbols

There may be other symbols rather than warriors. A ladder or tower would show someone climbing their way up in their career or relationship. A leaf represents peace and harmony and is a positive sign on the ring finger for relationships. The leaf is a part of nature, which can also mean that the relationship has a spiritual bond. A tepee or tent depicts privacy or keeping to yourself. It’s a symbol that represents wanting only one or just a few close relationships.

The fish or bird symbol

The bird and fish symbols on the knuckles represent an opportunity. A special or unusual opportunity is symbolised by the double fish (the big catch) with noses touching. You can read more about the fish symbol on the palm here.

fish symbol image and a simple bird symbol

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