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Branch Lines on the Palm Signify Key Issues

branch lines

Branch lines on the palm are the more delicate lines attached to another line. There are usually three predominant creases on the palm representing the mind, the emotions and the general life. (Heart, head and life line). These lines are rarely seen in perfect form and often have branch lines rising or dropping down.

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There are various types of branch lines, some are fragmented, and others are clear. They can be short or long. Some are straight, and others are wavy. The skin likely to have more branch lines is soft and delicate. The tough (thick) skin usually only has the main lines like the head, life and heart lines. If the thick skin does produce a branch line, then the significance is more considerable.

normal heart line, major lines on the palm

Knowing which line is a branch and which is not can take a careful eye. You could imagine that the lines are like a river, and the branches are the streams that escape from the main path. The life line, for example, is the path of your life. Life is also smooth if it is smooth without deviations, breaks or branches. It shows thinking along the same lines and staying on the same track.

What Key Issues Can the Branch Lines Represent?

The branches can signify various things, depending on where it is. They can represent lines of influence or inspiration. They can also depict times of achievement or times of sorrow. It is where the branch starts and ends that give the line’s influence and meaning. The line leaving the heart line is an emotional or inspirational topic. A branch from the life line is a general life or influence matter. On the head line, they show mental strain or triumphant times.

Branches From the Life Line

Let’s look at the life line branches first. The branch might be on the inside of the line, on the thumb side. Check carefully that the line is not, in fact, a rising influence line. If the line droops directly from the life line, it shows the energy leaving inward. This branch can signify financial, material, emotional or mental loss. We need to see the other lines for clues. The head line will reveal if there was mental strain through marks such as an island. The heart line can also have marks, dry skin areas or islands representing emotional worry.

life line

Rising lines off the Life Line

The rising lines inside the life line are rare but can represent an influence or support from the family. On the outside of the line, the branch lines can vary greatly. For example, a long rising branch towards the index finger shows a time of achievement, such as the completion of a study. Lines that point towards the Mount of the Moon (outer edge of the palm), represent the energy leaving outward. Most times, it shows a time of travel but it can also be a time of change. The latter is more likely when the branch reaches the fate line.

Branches from the head line

Head line branches that rise upwards on the head line signify effort, actual events or outcomes. Mostly, the rising branches reach towards the heart line; therefore, the mind is searching for emotional support. The subject might not like to make straight-out rational decisions. A branch near the end of the head line, which travels directly towards the Mount of Mercury, suggests a determination to learn and communicate systematically. These people might be business-minded.

branches on the head line

Downward branch lines from the head line

Branches drooping downwards show mental struggles, disappointments or unhappy periods. If, however, the line has many drooping lines, like the whole line looks feathered, mental stability might be an issue. The energy is escaping the usual track, so the mind is not focused. The person might have intellectual debility, autism, ADHD, phobia or anxiety disorder. They might also have a learning disability or be suffering from depression. Whatever the case, it shows the thoughts escaping the normal processes.

Branch lines on the heart line

Heart line branches that rise reflects idealistic and happy experiences. They can also depict someone with a keen interest in the opposite sex. Drooping branches show insecurity. If there is just one or two, it can denote disappointments, broken unions or poor-quality relationships.

If there are small drooping lines along its entire length, it can indicate a sense of failure. This line is often on those with a negative attitude toward relationships. It can also be that they may be restless or hypersensitive, possibly even prone to depression.

A branch line downward from the heart line

If a single branch drops down from the end of the heart line to the beginning of the life line, the subject might have some emotional attachment to the family or a situation involving the family. The emotions are ‘pulled’ to the early years, and there might be a formidable attachment to the family, especially the mother. They might not understand or display their feelings readily.

branch from the heart line

A single branch that reaches the line of the head depicts the emotions are looking for logical thought or decision. It may be that the person doesn’t always understand their feelings and so try to rationalise them. It might also be that they overthink their feelings.

Fate line branches

The fate line can have a branch line that rises or drops downward. A rising branch line on the fate line is always a positive mark. It can depict a boost in finances, career or any life situation. If the line is long and reaches one of the mounts under the fingers, it will be more significant in telling about the life direction.

broken fate line, fate line timing, branch from fate line

Branch from fate line to Apollo mount

If the branch from the fate line rises to the mount of Apollo under the ring finger, a lot of energy will be directed into creative projects or careers in the arts. These people can succeed through their inspiration and passion for their work, such as writing, acting, or turning their hobby into a career.

Branch line from the Fate line to Jupiter Mount

A branch that rises from the fate line to the mount of Jupiter under the Index finger can suggest a highly ambitious nature. These people often will want (and get) glory, honours or recognition in religious, political, ministerial or administrative fields.

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