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Children Lines in Palmistry Actual Meaning

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Children Lines on the Palm

The lines traditionally called children lines are fine vertical lines from the Union (marriage) line on the side of the palm under the pinkie.

Most of the time the lines which represent children are somewhat indistinct, so a keen eye or a magnifying glass might be needed to see them. However, these lines are unreliable in predicting the number of children if any. Only women give birth, yet both sexes can have children lines. Hence, the fertility line is a more appropriate term.

The way I observe these is by looking at the quality of the lines and whether they are present at all. These lines ideally should be fine and distinct without blurry edges, scars or dry skin. With the latter, it could indicate problems regarding conception.


If the lines are missing (or barely visible) altogether on a woman’s hand, it can mean that she has no interest in having a child and may not feel close to other people’s children either. There may be another underlying reason for it, such as infertility. Look to other indicators on the palms for clues.


A woman with many lines might never have conceived a child, but she might be a great aunt or have several pets which she considers to be a part of her family. A teacher for example, who loves to be around youngsters might have several lines even if she does not have any offspring of her own. These lines represent potential, so having many lines of children could depict a highly fertile individual.

Other areas can show these lines. Vertical lines at the base of the Venus mount or on the middle phalange of the pinkie.

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There’s a 50% chance that the line represents a boy and vice versa. I have been right 50% of the time (understandably). Because these lines are so difficult to read, I can only give you something to go by based on what other palmists have written about in the past.

A shorter thinner line is supposed to represent the girl and a more extended thicker line, a boy. Sometimes the line representing a girl is a straight line and boy is arched. It depends on the texture of the skin of the mother as to how well these lines form. I have one girl, and three boys and all fourteen lines appear the same size in my hand. (I do not have fourteen children), so possibly this number represents my fertility. It might also represent a person who is a good mother, or future grandchildren.

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