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Thumb Lines Explained in a Palmistry Study

thumb lines

The thumb has a great significance in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and primary temperament. So the thumb is a crucial part of any good palm reading. But what about the thumb lines?

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Every so often, hand analysts consider the meanings of the lines on the thumb. I have included the thumb lines here because it is something that interests me and I watched these lines on my thumb change over the past years.

Which lines to read on the thumb?

The main lines used in thumb reading are the creases in the middle of the first and second phalange and the crease at the thumb’s base. The one at the base is called a family ring. The middle crease represents you in your family, health or life. It shows much care or responsibility for their family or how much involvement the person has in their family. In Indian thumb reading, these lines have different names.

broken island line

Island Shaped Line in the Middle of the Thumb

A neat island in the middle crease is a good connection to the family. It does depend on the depth and strength of the line. Sometimes disconnection from the family is shown by a missing island on the thumb. Two islands can denote two families.

Health from the thumb line?

This island can also tell about the health of the individual. The ideal formation is an unbroken island mark, much the size of a grain of rice. If present in the perfect form, it is said to show a healthy person, a happy and robust family life. If broken, split or missing, the health might be going through change or may have had disruptions.

Sign of divorce from the thumb line?

It may be possible to see if someone has been divorced or if divorce is likely. (Remember that this is only a study). Below is an example of a thumb line of a divorced male. Notice that the island shape is not there and another line crosses over the island, like an obstacle line (or divorce line).

My personal case study: I used to have the perfect island on my dominant hand. Some years later, (I noticed after my divorce), the line had split. A few years after that, as my life started to get back to some sort of normality, the line healed. It turned into a tiny island, which to me represents beginning my life all over again. I will continue to watch it and see if it changes in the future.

Other lines on the thumb

thumb lines, thumb reading
  1. A family ring, intact like a chain shows close family ties. A fork or angled rising line from this crease can depict a split family.
  2. A second line above the family ring at the base of the thumb shows a marriage. It can depict that there is another family through marriage (or adoption or second marriage) or that there are two homes. More than one line here can suggest two marriages.
  3. Triangles on the line at the base crease of the thumb can represent an inheritance.
  4. If the top line is (clearly visible and stands out) and contains an island, it shows much care for the household.
  5. If a line interferes with the bottom family ring, it shows rifts or issues.
  6. Crossed lines on the tip of the thumb show a frustrated or unhappy person.
  7. Horizontal lines on the thumb tip if not due to dry skin, point to nervous tension, overdoing things or poor health.
  8. A vertical line or two on the top phalange can denote tiredness.
  9. A vertical line or two on the lower phalange is a sound power of reasoning. Multiple lines are stress or tiredness.

If you are interested in learning more about the thumb lines, why not study your own?

1. Check your lines now and remember your life situation. (Take photos or draw the lines as you see them now).

2. Check your thumb lines again in a few months or more.

3. Did anything change in your life?

4. Did any line on your thumb change at the same time?

5. Make sure you keep images or drawings of your thumb lines (especially the middle line) to see changes.

thumb lines family ring on thumb

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